Brand attack on the car of the expo representative in berlin?

Autonomous take responsibility

After a message from hanover’s broadcasting station hitradio antenna, an autonomous group refused an arson attack on the car of the expo-representative hans-jurgen binek in berlin during the night of sunday. In a confess letter to DPA, a group called for the name "autonomous militia" the responsibility. Was injured in the action nobody.

Already yesterday, DPA reported that the preamble protection of militant autonomous to the world’s fair. It emphasized that the expo is always stronger "in the field of vision of violent linksextremists" jerk. In an embossing report report, it should be reported that different blatters of the autonomous scene call for violence such as cast or sabotage against the expo. The confession group "autonomous militia" in this context, the opinion represents that the expo man and nature yield.

In view of the meeting provided for the weekend of the EXPO opponents in bielefeld, the catchback protection will take this grouping even stronger. The homepage of the anti-expo movement EXPO-NO has recently opened as a successful persiflage of the EXPO homepage. One of the central goals is, the opening on the 1. To prevent june in hanover. The opponents of the world exhibition think of a hundred different actions from the blockade to theater actions. On the website but also disturbances of the suspension rail and train traffic in the early morning hours are also discussed. Even the interruption of communication and supply lines is considered in the planning.

Already now the groups can be prepared specifically, so you should u.A. Already town plane with structural data can be ordered. In order not to be known in advance too much, you do not want to prepare these actions nationwide. Information is provided by the groups over apparently specially installed radio stations and info points. As it is after the 1. June continues, you will probably depend on the reactions of the police fuel as well as the motivation of the participants and possibly. Further spontaneous protests performed.

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