Dekra survey: motorists find the operation of modern cars often complicated

Many motorists do not come clearly with the operation of modern cars. According to a nationwide survey of the expert organization DEKRA, about 77 percent of all motorists have difficulties with the operation above all the electronic devices. 40 percent of respondents who can distract too much technology when driving driving. The survey coinces with the findings of the DEKRA traffic safety report 2012, which on the 29. Marz 2012 parliamentarians is presented in berlin.

The DEKRA survey also gave that most motorists (78 percent) from the advantages of technical progress in the car – easier driving, security and comfort – are quite convinced. A quarter of respondents (27 percent) indicated that modern technology has already preserved them in dangerous situations or in an accident before worse.

Ratsel gives the car riders of ofter the operation of the navi systems, which are now used by 74 percent of the drivers. After all, 12 percent of users designate the operation of the equipment as difficult. It is not better in the multifunction lever, with which 13 percent does not come clear. With the telephone and audio system, 11 percent.

According to dekra, women are sometimes heavier than manner with the wearing of modern technology. You see more often (46 percent, manner: 37 percent) the danger that you can distract the modern technology. They are also rarely convinced by the advantages. Young and old are affected by problems in a similar way. For example, the young riders up to 25 years, for example, the desire for cars with more be diene features with 20 percent gross than all other age groups (cut: 18 percent) is.

In the survey, 1700 people participated, which came to the main examination to a dekra-diedrlang.

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