Delivery times for new cars: suv buyers are waiting for the longest

Delivery times for new cars: suv buyers are waiting for the longest

Duisburg, 5. October 2011 – delivery times for new cars in germany remain a high level of high levels. The average waiting time was 3.6 months in september as in august 2011. A closer look at the study results of the center automotive research (CAR) of the university of duisburg-essen clarifies that the delivery periods depend on the manufacturer and model clearly. Before all the buyers sought-after SUV models often have to be fun for five months and more long to the vehicle.

BMW delivers the fastest

At 2.5 months on average, BMW is the manufacturer with the shortest delivery times. Compared to august 2011, the munchner manufacturer has its customers to wait 0.4 months less on individually configurable new cars. Although suzuki was also able to improve by 0.3 months, yet the japanese manufacturer together with KIA forms the tail light (5.1 months each). However, the two asian manufacturers have to accept long transport routes. VW also has a high-average delivery time with five months. Volvo was able to improve the strongest. At the swedish manufacturer, the delivery times with three months compared to the previous month decreased by 0.9 months. Among the german manufacturers audi makes the big jump. The ingolstadter let your customers with 4.1 months delivery time now wait 0.8 months less. According to CAR, the results indicate a rearance in the german car market, the highlight of the new orders is therefore already exceeded.

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