Djindjic, the mafia and the west

The mafiose war concomtion on the balkan has survived the wars whopping

Two weeks after the murder of the serbian prime minister zoran djindjic (shock condition in serbia), the background of the assassination seems to clarify. On tuesday, the DJINDJIC successor zoran zivkovic certainly could present the two muteaffective tatters. These are the 38-year zvezdan jovanovic and its 32-year complicity sasa pejakovic. This seems to be confirmed directly after the assassination of the assessments. The murder of djindjic was planned from the center of the mafia-woven state security apparatus and executed.

Jovanovic is not an order killer but vice commands that are subject to the ministry of interior unity for special operations (JSO), in which pejakovic serves. Also under the name red beret well-known troupe is payable to the most chunky special units that the serbian state apparatus has to offer and is directly linked to the mafia. The long-term invitator of the 2001 red beret, milorad lukovic alias legija, is the boss of the zemun clan, a mafia bande that controls a coarse part of the drug trade in the balkans. There are numerous JSO members with them. As a careful wire of the assassination is legija with a number of other ZEMUN clan members still uneven.

Zvezdan ‘zveki’ jovanovic

The shot on djindjic has thus made a clear one, the mafiose war concomtion in serbia survived the wars in the region quicklebendig. The war-shaped alliances from state security apparatus, criminals and paramilitarian "warshogs" it is still available via significant economic and political influence. The criminal-institutional complex in the recruiting of criminals for paramilitarian groups, which were formed by intelligence services and police were formed at the beginning of the war in 1991, to the front of the fronts in croatia, bosnia-herzegovina and father kosovo the dirt work of the "ethnic cleaning" to do. The paramilitars were able to do a true cancellation field train company and make everything you needed. At the same time, the resulting networks were used to circumvent the UN embargo and controlled the profitable black market. After the end of the armed conflicts, the organizational structures and networks remained in the drug, weapons and women’s trade for new sources of income.

A report of the US institute for peace (USIP) notes that the new balkan mafia is one "model of multi-ethnic cooperation" act. In fact, the situation in the other republics emerged from yugoslavia is only gradually different as in serbia. Alongall, the criminal companies have the opportunity to bypass law enforcement, to subordinate politicians and manipulate the media:

"Extremist political forces linked with security / intelligence agencies and organized criminal enterprises have carved out autonomous structures of power in the balkans that have instigated conflict and profited ruthleessly FROM IT. Thesis power structures have been maintained via informal networks that allow them to operate with impunity from prosecution, suborn elected politicians, extort profit from entrepreneurs, and manipulate the media."

The zemun troop is an illustrative example of this structure. His nickname "legionar" milorad lukovic acquired by the service at the french blessed legion, for which he was fighting in the mid-80s. In the early 1990s he entered the paramilitarian serbian volunteer guard from zeljko raznatovic alias arcane a. With his past with the so-called arcane tigers as a recommendation changed legija 1997 as commander to the red bettles.

Side change

This for her brutlatat tuned troupe was of legijas friend and tiger ducks franko simatovic alias frenzyI was founded and was considered the pratorian garde of the milosevic regime. However, when the belgrade warlord becomes increasingly lost to kosovo war, the tabs out of hand changed, the red beret under legia’s fuhrung the pages. After confirmed information, djindjic has on the eve of the storm of the opposition he caught on the parliament on the 5. October 2000 also with legjia hit and an agreement closed. The red beretE did not shot on the demonstrators, but it remained inviolable after the government change.

Of course, this was not the only deal that has taken the west politically, financially and logistically supported opposition with the mafiose security apparatus of the old regime. In retrospect, the question arises more if it were not circles of the paramilitarian mafia, which instrumentalized the opposition in order to stay in power. For the two gray eminences of the serbian paramilitars, the former boss of the secret police jovica stanisic and the land of red beret, franko simatovic, were with the october party (the serbian october revolution).

Stanisic had been given to milosevics in 1998 because he does not match the kosovopolitik. Simatovic broke even in 1996 after the conclusion of the dayton agreement on a peace treaty for bosnia-herzegovina with milosevic. But both also have their conflicts with milosevic uber controlling influence on the criminal underworld. The fruhere belgrade policeich fee, marko nicovic, says:

"October 2000 was a potential for people to wash their biographies web and make themselves indispensable."

Between the chairs

How, however, as the murder of djindjic shows, the october alliance was extremely frugal. The prime trained in germany had to obey various men. The "international community", especially the US, made prere on the delivery of the war criminals, which she wanted to sitting in the hague soon in the hague. With ever new ultimate and the credit screw, djindjic was forced to comply with this desire that the military intervention in the kosovokonflact was to legitimate again.

The privileged premier, as with the delivery milosevics in june 2001, not only had to use the rule of law, but also deal with his federal partners of october 2000, which also has a significant part of a procedure in the hague. Djindjic has ultimately enforced in the power strug against his right conservative opposition rivals vojislav kostunica, who drummed against cooperation with the hague. When kostunica with the official dissolution of yugoslavia in february, his office as a prassident of the state lost, djindjic for a few days as a lonely winner. Then the shot of the 12 fell. March.

How governmental sources should explain the zemun band with the murder to prevent a possible prosecution of their members. Djindjic have arrest warrants against the gangboss milorad lukovic alias legjia and other members of the 200 man want to adopt strong troupe, it is called in explanations. The clan approached in the belgrade suburb zemun should already be stuck behind a first assassination at djindjic, which on 21. February was dubbed. At that time, a gear member with a truck tried to ram the state body djindjic, but missed his goal.

The state of emergency and arrest wave loosen the problem of interweaving state and mafia probably not

Since then, the biggest police action of history takes place in serbia. According to the vice premier cedomir jovanovic have so far over 3.000 "suspicious" arrested and horrified. Just a thousand remain detained. The fewest of them were allowed to do something with the murder. Rather, the police and militar uses the declared state of emergency to a comprehensive operation against all possible "criminal bands", like interior minister dusan mihajilovic explains.

The state of exception is the militar and the police extensive special power, including the right to carry out suspected arrests. Like the belgrader association of independent electronic media (anem) explains explained, journalists are stopped to report only what is from official governmental sources. Strictly prohibited are reports about the state of exception itself, as long as they do not meet official statements. A violation is punishable. Some newspapers have already been covered with fines or even prohibited how the belgrade television and radio station B92 reports.

Whether the state of emergency and the arrest wave, however, the problem of interweaving criminal bands with state organs lost, is more than doubtful. Although central figures of this collaboration, such as the deputy general officer milan sarajlic, has meanwhile arrested sarajlic admitted, for money insider information of the investigative authorities and the secret services to the zemun clan and prevented criminal proceedings against his members. Also the boss of the military secret service ACO tomic, another milosevic relic, was retired. At the same time, however, the currently in belgrade is only a glanced delicate question, who wins power in power through the state of exception. The answer shows that the problem could be relocated as in october 2000 only.

The reigning boss of uniformed police SRETEN LUKIC and GORAN gurij radosavljevic, the commander of the special force zandarmerija, the currently masked in belgrade transformed strain controls are more than twilight figures. Like the now sought or set paramilitars legija, frenki and stanisic, they were also leading head of the security apparatus of milosevich. Lukic commanded in 1998 and 1999, at the time of the escalating struggle, the police troops in kosovo. Radosavljevic was also in use there in a leading function. According to the usual well with the haag insider knowledge, think tanks supplied international crisis group (ICG should be lukic and radosavljevic on the secret war criminal delivery list by carla del ponte. With the tough crossing against her former coach, they seem to pull their own head out of the sling, quite similar as already with the side change in the fall of milosevics.

The main problem is the economy since the war danieder

However, however, the principle problem of serbian society remains unusual. According to the neoliberal economic reforms of the 80s and the ten-year-old state of the 1990s, a product-producing economy is as good as collapsed. The one of the "international community" privatization policy and trade liberalization prescribed as medicine, in this situation, only for an increase in anyway causing unemployment.

Due to the continuing political instability foreign investments remain largely. In this situation, it is just the informal shadow concomity that offers a survival perspective. In their swamp, however, the mafia with their profitable businesses in the drug, human, and arms trade in the drug, human, and arms trade is steadily reorganized. The grassy corruption in the state security apparatus also offers structural protection, which does not disappear through an increasingly autoritar-dending regime, but rather can be understood. Legjia may be arrested in the coming days or weeks. His place will kick the next pate.

The burrowing at least critical observers, who carefully cared for the state of emergency. In an article for the internet magazine new serbian political thinking writes slobodan antonic from the university of novi sad, that it, "is difficult to prevent the conclusion that (the state of emergency) uses the interests of a particular clique that is enabled to enforce terror and violence against their rivals in a showdown."

Dragan marsicanin, vice presenter of democratic party of serbia (DSS) by vojislav kostunica, asks poletric: "the fight against the organized criminal entity also includes the surcin clan?" this mafia group had delivered a bloody showdown with the zemun clan in recent weeks. Observers realize that the troupe has so far been largely unadorned.

The institutions of european union support the measures of the new serbian government. According to braces, even policemen from germany should be involved in the hunt for the mafia. The EU and the UN transitional administration in kosovo (UNMIK), however, are even before a similar problem that they only want to perceive. For in kosovo, it was the west, who has made the mafia in the fight against the milosevic regime.

Like those of the federal government foundation science and politics (SWP) in a report on the UCS supported by NATO, it has financed its fight to a significant part of drug fees. After the invasion of the NATO-guided KFOR troupe in the 1999 crisis province, the mafia capes associated with the UCC could unfold their business unhindered.

Now the KFOR troupe has sustainable difficulties to get the kosovo mafia under control, because here too, it forms a political criminal complex with significant mobilization skills. In the arrest of mafia captoes such as the former uuck commander rustem "remi" mustafa last summer again demonstrate thousands that see in the warlords liberation cheaters.

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