Emissions scandal: volkswagen wants to limit the duration of amnesty program

Emissions scandal: volkswagen wants to limit the duration of amnesty program

According to information from the suddeutscher zeitung, NDR and WDR the recently launched amnesty program for employees until the end of november 2015. The company wants to increase the prere to clarify the situation. Employees involved in the emissions manipulations, who wanted to save their jobs with a confession, had to hurry up. A volkswagen spokesman did not want to comment on this on thursday evening. "We are discussing such an ie," the spokesman said in response to a question. He did not want to give details.

According to the media report, volkswagen fears that the U.S. Authorities in particular will be displeased if volkswagen does not deliver results soon in its internal investigations. Group circles conceded that the offer of amnesty had to be made sooner. Apparently, several engineers and technicians had held back with statements out of fear for their jobs. The VW spokesman pointed out in this context that there has been a kind of ombudsman system in the company for several years already. "There has always been the possibility for employees to turn to certain bodies such as external lawyers and to do so anonymously as well."

In the course of the VW affair around manipulated exhaust gas values the former group boss martin winterkorn resigned on wednesday with immediate effect also his office as supervisory board chairman with audi. Corresponding information from the ingolstadt daily newspaper donaukurier was confirmed by an audi spokesman. Winterkorn was dismissed from his position as chairman of the supervisory board because of the affair about falsified exhaust emission measurements for diesel cars on 23. Rother resigned from his post as volkswagen CEO in september 2015. On 17. October 2015, he also resigned from his post as head of porsche’s holding company PSE.

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