Eu cartel procedure: bmw pays 373 million euros, suspected of exhaust gas fraud

EU cartel procedure: BMW pays 373 million euros, suspected of exhaust gas fraud

BMW must pay a money pit of 373 million euros in the EU cartel procedure against german automakers. The manufacturer has in the discussions of the autoconzern examined by the brussels authority "too high transparency" with regard to the rough of adblue tanks and the achievable range – which is already prohibited from competition law. Original premiums of the EU commission with regard to a possible exhaust gas manipulation, she has largely dropped, shared BMW.

BMW had a decrease of 1.4 billion euros in 2019, but of which, in may of this year, it has already dissolved around one billion euros again because the commission had made certain premieges against BMW fully.

Newness of the case followed by tee

Brussel have with the procedure "antitrust" enter, monated BMW. The subject of the investigation was not price or territory agreements – but the EU commission has the bill of saturation in the calculation of the bub money "classic" artificial cartels created and the novelty of the case only takes into account by a tee. This procedure continued despite the largely dropped unprecedented bub money.

The management board has approved this book with the present comparison. BMW had already challenged that the group had reduced the jerks for a punishment.

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