Freshly refreshed: jeep grand cherokee

Freshly refreshed: jeep grand cherokee

Detroit (USA), 22. January 2013 – the grand cherokee already belongs to the classics in the jeep program, there is the rough SUV not so long – namely for 20 years. The fourth generation is not even three years in the market, the chrysler subsidiary is at the north american international auto show in detroit (19. To 27. January 2013) already a generally superior variant. Auber some optical retouches sting as innovations above all an eight-speed automatic and a diesel variant for the USA.

New three-liter diesel

Diesel engines are still considered exotic in north america and are not offered for many vehicles. That the grand cherokee is obtained such, is therefore a small surprise. In europe, the current model, however, already with self scale. In the US version comes a three-liter V6 diesel with 243 hp and 569 nm torque used. The power transmission takes place via an eight-speed automatic. All other motorizations are also coupled to the new gearbox. Furthermore, the 3,6-liter pentstar-V6 and the 5.7-liter V8, which should work both more economically than before. All engine variants are in the future with one "eco mode" outlined. At the push of a button, various fuel-saving measures are initiated here. For this, a changed shift characteristic and the eight-cylinder models pay a temporary cylinder shutdown.

Changes in front and rear

From augen, the relevant grand cherokee is to be recognized mainly at the redesigned front part. The skill grill with seven slots is now a bit narrower, even the headlights are now drawn dunner. Auber the front was also modified the rear evil. The jerk lights fall altogether than before and now always work with LED technology. The interior was also handled. So in the newly designed center console now finds a multifunction monitor with 8.4 inch diameter space. In addition, some switches and controls have been modernized. The new three-spoke steering wheel offers series-mabig shift paddles.

New outfit even for the SRT

The sporty top version, the grand cherokee SRT, is also visually handled at the start. The front area is characterized by a new skow barbecue, narrower spotlights, striking LED daytime running lights, rough air intake and a deep-drawn spoiler. Add to that the wider jerk lights, a new trunk flap and another roof spoiler. Almost unweign the power SUV engine, a 6.4-liter hemi-V8 with 471 hp and 630 nm torque. In the "eco mode" four cylinders are also deactivated here. An eight-speed automatic replaces the previous funfstufe machine. The grand cherokee SRT seriesmabig is equipped with a launch control. It should allow a particularly dynamic sprint at the push of a button. Market start for the new grand cherokee and the grand cherokee SRT is in the US middle 2013. After germany, the facelift models were allowed to come early at the end of 2013.

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