German soldiers rape no women

A musivideo of joachim witt currently heats the purposes

Joachim witt, who as sanger with the song "the golden rider" was known in the 1980s, currently with the video to his new single "gloria" for restlessness.

The music video shows how performers dressed as bundeswehr soldiers rape a woman. The bundeswehr, for which the boundaries of artistic freedom were far exceeded here, is an emport. The media also react as the mirror or the star irritated.

Meanwhile, the musician fights, according to own information, with murder threats that were stunted against him, he fails, according to the picture newspaper, like someone, on the "200.000 bite dogs" wait. Now the federal government also turns on who might put the video on the index.

Screenhot from the music video

Joachim witt may currently experience what is allowed on the social battlefields of politics, art and media and what not. And all just because he shows in his video, what has been known everyone: war is cruel. In the war there are many guilty. Even the good ones are sometimes bose. A simple knowledge.

But with this message, witt obviously has brought parts of the bundeswehr to cook. The rape scene heats the boiler. Now you can rate the video and the SANGE at the level of taste and reject its product. But you may also be able to admit that the video does not even formulate so bad criticism in the war. However, it is too easy if you want to read a basic criticism of the bundeswehr or the german soldier in the scenes shown.

The soldiers, which are shown here as indoors, essentially have a metonymic function. The soldiers shown are a reality element, which is part of the war, but further instructed them on artistic level through the means of visual design the gray and which in every war on their own perverted species inevitably executive dehyingization of the war participants.

Victims and tatters

The music video also addresses implicitly the difficult question of who is sacrifice who is tatter in the war. In front of the building complex by raping the woman is what it looks like, also a german soldier, dead, gomantic shot. Why did he have to die? Who wife still in a war, if the war only lasts a while, who is victim, who is tader.

The boundaries blur, not only between good and bose, but also between the realities. In the video there are a number of heavily mystically charged scenes, in which reality mixes with a fantasy world and also an indication that the only way out of the wasting of the war in a reality escape, in an escape into another reality level consists.

Here you could also address the topic of post-traumatic burdens, among which many afghanistan returnees suffer. But some responsible persons of the bundeswehr do not seem to recognize the artist context.

Witt, and unfortunately, unfortunately, no word is to read in the discussion, here is anything but a primitive and one-dimensional soldier-bashing. On the contrary: to the thesis that soldiers also commit crimes, he also shows the anti-thesis with a lot of masses.

The soldiers in the video are not all criminals. The nameless soldier, which transforms into an angel, has heart, rough heart. He was allowed to stand for many, if not for the majority of soldiers, the in the midst of the battlefield, in the midst of destruction, in the midst of the suffering that suits them suddenly after the life of the war is silenced, what should that mean?? What am I doing here?

The suffering and the mental pain that the soldier shown experiences at the sight of the tote madchen is so rough that the pain is only through a metamorphosis, through a transformation into one "highness", the aviaries who allow him to increase rapidly quickly in the sky to make the incredible gray behind them can be molded. The doctors of the bundeswehr hospital in berlin, who are familiar with post-traumatic stress treasures, could certainly have something about the topic "judgment" tell.

The military commission of the german bundestag, hellmut konigshaus, said opposite the berliner zeitung (BZ): "in the next time the makers should first turn on the brain before they uniform a video with such scenes."

Maybe you should just ask yourself if, in view of the immense suffering, the soldier of all war-leading nations have so far brought under the people, not even in the context of a free artistic examination the topic rape of women by their own soldiers may be displayed.

The fact that WITT shows german soldiers as a tatter was allowed to have served to stretch the topic and, which can certainly be possible to boost the sales figures. At light, however, the soldiers had to be from any other country. Just as good, they could wear a fantasy uniform. But the fact that the performers of the video are currently playing german soldiers confronted the viewer with something very unpleasant: now the "perpetrator" so suddenly in our "center". Of the "brave", the "nice son-in-law", the "helpful young neighbor", all just "durable soldiers" were, should now be criminals?

At this point the question must be raised: WORUBER we get up?

Is it indeed the denounced urgency that "the good german soldier" is represented as rapist? Or is not it much more the reason for that, somewhere deep inside, that even with a war, in the "weather" the "good" are, ours "good" even boses could do – at least theoretically?

A bundeswehr, a society, but above all the media that do not face this debate is not a good way. Also reminiscent of these lines from the year 2006:

Berlin. The bundeswehr stands in front of one of its large scandals: german soldiers have posed in afghanistan with partly obscene gestures in front of the camera with a skull. Show photos that the "image"-newspaper. Among other things, a german soldier can be seen, which spends a skull on a steel strut of a militar rail. On another photo stop a soldier his unlovered link to the skull. The recordings should be created in the spring of 2003 at a patrol ride near kabul.

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