High risk factor: bad diet

High risk factor: bad diet

After a global study, life expectancy rises worldwide, but the gap between countries can be more than 30 years

After the bill melinda gates foundation financed study global burden of disease (GBD) of the institute of health metrics and evaluation at the university of washington appeared in the magazine the lancet and evaluates data globally from any country is the death of 18.8 percent of worldwide death enclosure associated with false diet. People die for early because they take too little whole grain, fruity, nausse, seeds and fisholes and too much salt. As always, the study can only determine correlations, but do not capture causality.

After smoking, false or unilateral diet is the second highest cause of death when it comes to risks through behavior or environmental conditions. Other risk factors such as high blood sugar, high blood prere, too much cholesterol or overweight can be associated with diet. According to the study, the problem is by no means only associated with the epidemic of obesity, but already with the type of food, so also with what is being invested by the food industry. To eat too few fruits, so the study authors opposite the guardian. The problem is not to eat too much red meat, but rather to take too little whole grain to. Heart diseases are still cause of death number 1.

Governments who worried about the well-being of the burger had to try not only to ban drugs or tobacco or. To tax alcohol, but also influence the food produces, offered and consumed. Timely there are attempts to proceed approximately against a lot of sugar-containing drank, but every intervention in the freedom of the wrong, because life-reducing diet is in principle verpont. That had to experience the greats before the last general election, when she dared to speak of a vegetarian day in canteens.

However, there is also progress in reducing disease risks, especially in infectious diseases. In addition, child mortality rises and rises the life expectancy worldwide, although distinguishes with almost grotesque. The life maintenance gap can be 30 years. In japan, where there is the highest life expectancy, it is located for women and manner at almost 84 years, in the central african republic at 50 years. It only depends on where someone is born random. That can not end well when not something otherwise. Some have taken the fate in the hands of themselves and hiking there where they are simply life.

Poverty does not seem to be the cause alone. So there are landers like athiopia, nepal, portugal or peru, where life expectancy has risen high than expected the development degree. Why that is, must first be investigated.

What seems to be accepted are mental disorders. 1.1 billion people suffer from, this also pays the dependence of drugs and medicines. Heavy depression should already be included in the most widespread diseases worldwide. There are less the death trap caused by suicide or violence, but the death trap by firearms increase. Since 2006, the number of death trap has risen by 143 percent by conflicts and terrorism, among far in the middle east and north africa.

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