Lawyers are the new actors

Lawyers are the new actors

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A documentary illuminates the development of horst mahler, otto schily and hans-christian strobele

In the film, "the ladence – a german history" lights birgit schulz the development of horst mahler, otto schily and hans-christian strobele. On a common photo1, which serves as a starting point to the film, the then long-bangible mahler looks like a mixture of greek philosophers and old testamenturical whimerco, the momentary schily like a mixture of dandy and western hero and the contemporary strobele as an actor of a commissioner episode.

In fact, the three end of the 1960s to the mid-1970s were very closely linked. Through her early common and later very different positions, the film shows the nonsensicality of the neo-mccarthyist relations chains, as they are pleased by the pasdaran of political correctness. And he proves how right prefab sprout as they sang in moving the river "you surely are A truly gifted kid, but you’re only as good as the last great thing you did". However, the fact will happen that only idiots do not otherwise, as otto schily notes in the movie, of course does not matter that one can stand by others at the idiots as before.

Horst mahler – which his former colleagues in the film more likely analyzed better than vice versa – makes in the film the most eloquent figure, but sometimes very shaky on the cant from the cynic to the clown. He says of himself, he did not have the feeling, gone from left to right. The movie lit the movie rather litchlips: apart from childhood photos, to whom he has paid that he has always wanted to become politicians and that’s why "the right studied", beginning his CV only starts with a description of schilys, as he won unexpectedly against the laworst star unexpectedly. Not entered into mahler’s time at the "beating" student connection thuringia, his entry into the SPD and how he became the lawyer star. Clearly illuminated will be again his commitment for the municipality 1, the SDS, the APO and later members of the baader-meinhof group.

Central points are the constituence of the socialist lawyer collective 1969, mahler’s way to RAF, his rule of law promised fragment sentence as an alleged manager of the anti-springer krawalle, his escape to jordan (which was explained by strobele in 1970 as a kind of long-planned study trip) and his proportion. For the worried his then crisis of otto schily 20 band hegel, whose influence depends in a very short but pragnant section of the film. This influence also drove to refusal to fly out in exchange for the freezing of the detainable CDU politician peter lorenz and to the public stability in which he explains the RAF terrorist’s mistakes in their theoretical basics. Solidly, mahler’s ratio became a fourth lawyer: gerhard schroder, who received him freely in 1980 after such a two-thirds of the liability and seven years later before the federal court of justice.

The film becomes more exemplary, when mahler in the 1990s the NPD approaches, whose banned, as a literacy of the party with hegel and hayek quotes, he prevents fonts and references to V-manner before the federal science court. As a case study, the lawyer carried among other things agent provocateur peter urbach and its effect at the "criminalization of the revolting students" from 1968 to 1970. After the process obtained, he again in love and meant he was in the "in every sense, meaningless party" only therefore occurred because they had been threatened by a ban and keep little of their fixation on parliamentarism.

Since then, he has made aware of the impression that many observers have aroused in many observers, mahler plans to create media attention through processes. This impression confirms statements of the lawyer also directly. So he put against himself display because of his exercises for the history of the third reich and said in the proceedings to the judges "I sit here because I want to sit here". In a law-elegant judgment since august, the district court of munchen II was sentenced for six years criminal for people’s commitment against him, which he currently counters in brandenburg.

Lawyers are the new actors

Mahler’s former kanzligenaub hans-christian strobele already made part of his trainee period in his old law firm. After his second state exam, in 1969, in 1969, he together with his ex-boss and klaus eschen (the father fear judge in berlin became) the socialist lawyer collective, which (as it rejoices in the documentation) only tenants against landlords and workers against employers defend, but never reversed apply order constellations. Also the one among the three candidates, which in the film on lawyers the worst impression2 is more likely to be illuminated flashlight than exempt, so it does not hurt when the viewer brings some background knowledge into the cinema.

For example, strobeles from 1970 to 1975 will remain attributable membership in the SPD and its party exclusion, which was supposed to succeed, because the lawyer did not like his clients known from him from apo times from the baader-meinhof group in a letter as a letter "ladies and gentlemen", but as "love enjoyed" appeal. His later was also convicted because of the disclosure of documents (not acquainted with him but allegedly "training, discipline and punishment" content) between RAF terrorists remains in front. By contrast, on the other hand, on the rule of law problematic mandate tenets and that – as well as a woman – actually evident depend on defender languages in stuttgart-stammheim, which the lawyer was born from the warehousing theory of the reinforcement theory of the.

After the exclusion from the SPD bottom strobele the later in the green berliner alternative list and after the resolution of the socialist lawyer collective in 1979 the TAZ with. As a member of the bundestag, he became known, among other things, by his opposition against the kosovo war and his work in the parliamentary control panel, which should assess the intelligence services. In 2002, he was the first and so far single gruner in his constituency of friedrichshain – kreuzberg – prenzlauer berg-ost a direct mandate, which he defended in 2005 with 43.2 percent of the votes souveran. In the 2009 general election, strobele was able to increase his voting share despite a prominent competition even once again to 46.8 percent of the first votes.

Lawyers are the new actors

Even in the gross burial ratio, the lawyer, otto schily, has been established, the adolescence remains largely expelled. Apart from a few childhood memories, his history in the movie also begins at the end of the 1960s, when he gets to know mahler and strobele, and benno ohnesorg’s father represents his failed secondary action against the death for karl-heinz kurras. In 1971 he then defends horst mahler, 1975 gudrun ensslin. He will not only be secured, but also in his work as a criminal defenders hindered and gives worse word habits with the stammheimer judges. He too becomes one of the fundamentals of the grununen and then takes place (after talking on party days regularly with all his co-assignment) to the SPD. In 1998, gerhard schroder makes him the minister of the interior of his red-green cabinet, in which he becomes above all after the terrorism of the 11. September 2001 with numerous new surveillance laws and legislation preparation. During its term of office, he allows, among other things, a long-term investigation against the magazine cicero and the change of a service statement for secretive computers. For this one draws him twice with the big brother award.

Not addressed in the film schlys’s experienced involvements as "advisor" the company siemens and as the supervisory board of safe ID solutions AG, which earned a lot of money with the introduction of new pasis with biometric characteristics driven by the schroder minister of interior. With its refusal, even after the adoption of a corresponding law, all side colleagues, schlyy failed in september in front of the federal administrative court, a publication of the information could prevent his recently from the bundestag.

Indeed the lawsal not only shows the change, but also continuity – so that, where the three salaries just not otherwise: at strobele this is the fixation on justice, with mahler of the contradiction and at schily the idea of the ideal state (which then also with a very comprehensive monopoly monopoly can be equipped). However, schily took the state from the absorse perspective, which may happen to be sharp than from the inside: a spoken sentence still in 2009 "free science and free culture are the life of a free society" suggests that (as many other politicians) is certainly not aware of how much the areas addressed by him are dominated by electronic monitoring. Another of these inconsistencies is that schily admits in the documentation that he has indirectly responsible for the death of katharina hammerschmidt, which was on his advice on the authorities and whose cancer was not treated adaquat in the prison. Nevertheless, he urged nothing during his time as the minister of interior of the circumstances in german cogs, in which even much of the worse developed since the 1970s.

Apart from that, birgit schulz’s film makes it clear that ladies today are the much more interesting families than, for example, actors. Not least because of that because you have to be practical lawyer in the warning age, to threaten some reasonably interesting say. For a successor project, for example, portraits of gunter of gravenreuth and johannes eisenberg were offered.

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