Privacy label: apple explains what developers have to be observed

Privacy Label: Apple explains what developers have to be observed

For new app store applications as well as updates since december, it has been mandatory that these so-called data protection labels are delivering – not just the iphone, but also on the other apple platforms.

However, there seems to be a lot of confusion, which is indeed necessary and how concrete the information must be made. Apple has therefore set up a new information page, the details of more detail. This should be urged by all developers urgently.

Auto certification by developer

The new offer is currently available only in english and leads more information on the different data types covered by the data protection label – including SMS, e-mails and game content. In addition, developers experience convenier details of web views collected information and user-generated data in documents and other file types. Apple also makes it clear how to deal with location data – or their different types of description.

However, it remains problematic from user view that the new data protection labels equal to self-certification. Apple does not bounce these themselves, will only engageively tantig when there are complaints from users. So a newspaper had discovered dozens of apps with faulty or completely false information this year. Only when the group is experiencing that "inaccurate information" they were working on it, "ensure that the information is accurate", wrote the washington post.

Foodage for apps

Apple shares the privacy information in the sections "data used to track your person", with the user "directly linked" as "unclear" data on. In the area "tracking" must app providers disclose the potential creation of user profiles for advertising purposes, which combines the information collected in an ios or ipados software with data from other apps or even websites and offline offers. Apple wants to give users more transparency before they download and install an app. The procedure is recalled in terms of content or "food survey" of food.

Really obvious, however, is not the case; users have to look closely at the info and have to confide that developers make correct information. Rough corporations like google have also left a lot of time to publish overhead data protection labels.

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