Quickly the state builds threatenes

Quickly the state builds threatenes

Life elixir of democracy: whistleblower contribute to the safety of the state, but the governments in office turn the sponge over

London – last tuesday, he appeared again, the grand-daddy of whistleblowing, daniel ellsberg. At the importing event for the summer edition of the london magazine index on censorship, the 90-year whistleblowers of the pentagon papers spoke to the topic complex whistleblowing.

The special report of the new magazine title is: whistleblower: the life elixir of democracy. A moving story after the other leads to the exciting world of those people who stand out from others by applying the courage to pronounce obvious wrong. The ie is a must for all who want to know what on germany after the 17. December.

The sister of reality winner, the former US intelligence specialist, was also a word, which brought russian interference to the US election in 2016 and was sentenced to the openness for FUNF years.

The program leading editor martin bright, who has worked together with several celebrity whistleblowers, including katharine gun, which as intelligence officer spitzbikam, that the british intelligence service for the NSA should intervene the non-resistant members in the UN security council to manipulate their voting behavior when the US wanted a UN decision to engage in iraq. The fabric came to the cinemas penultimate year, with keira knightley in the lead role of the movie "official secrets".


But sometimes you do not need to go to the cinema to see the dramas of this world. Sometimes it is enough to give an ie of index on censorship to read. The magazine is read worldwide (and very much like in the academic world), in germany it has been subscribed to so far only the university of munchen.

For the first edition of index 1972 alexander solscheninyn wrote an article. In 1977, a translation of the charter 77 from vaclav havel appeared here. Father published index the world heraldry of the international COMMISITES to defend salman rushdie, in the "the right of all people, their ideas and convictions to discuss and discuss them with their critics based on mutual tolerance and free of censorship, animeration and violence" be supported.

And six months after that, index published the hunger strike explanation of the four students of the protests on the place of heavenly peace of 1989. In short, index is a magazine for the freedom of opinion, which freedom struggles from around the world give a bean.

On tuesday, reality winners sister brittany was to be fooled, as desperate the fight of her sister against the united states of america is still. After four years, reality was broken down the prison. Brittany winner, daniel ellsberg and many other supports asked for US prassident joe biden an official pardon so that reality and their family are at least formally free.

Because instantly the family may not talk about the case. According to the espionage act, it is banned winner to explain why she has the information lacted. The winners are hoping one "outcry of the international community".

The situations are absurd

The situations are absurd. Especially because of the action winners the last US election was almost a year ago probably the safest of US history. Brittany calls the leak of her sister even a patriotic action. Whistleblower contributes to the safety of the state, but the governments in office turn the sponge over. The same thing happened in the last few weeks when two bold whistleblowers were put into the prison.

In the US, it met the young NSA analysts daniel hale with 45 months, the details about the american drone war lactic. Similar to the US rulnesses in vietnam, the drone war is a crime. Wikileaks called one of his most famous videos "collateral murder", because remote drones on each murder attempt of a single suspicious 10 to 20 times so many other people dead, says ellsberg on tuesday.

In addition, it met with eight months craig murray, the former british ambassador. Several years ago murray had pronounced the miesen games of his country in uzbekistan, afghanistan and iraq. Whistleblower sometimes meets it only years. With the reporting on a scottish court process, one had an opportunity to imprison the unpleasant reporter.

The big-oil whistleblower jonathan taylor also met it for years after his leak. Only short of taylor returned to his homeland england after being held a year in a croatian custody.

Who called daniel ellsberg, who could encourage tremendous power for the cause of truth and peace, the two so important components for maintaining democracy. Ellsberg had the gluck, despite its strong contribution to the fall of prasident nixon (watergate) just not in the prison to land.

Maybe it helped him that he had planned before his leak for four US prasident nuclear wars, and thereby became influential. Yes you could even win the impression that ellsberg hold a prison sentence for rewarding ("it is worth"), if it uses democracy.

The case lilith wittmann VS. CDU

On another level, the german lilith wittmann is currently experiencing like ellsberg exactly 50 years ago. The IT expert discoveres a significant safety chuck in a campaign app of the CDU, informs the CDU, the federal office for safety in information technology and the berlin privacy officer. The CDU shows you.

The advertisement is only, when wittmann is the offer of CDU federal fuels stefan hennewig for a consultation contract. With the contract, wittmann had to be silent, the bundestag election campaign prepared a fidelity-free waters.

In the bundestag and landes, employees are obliged to silence, and for the case of breakage of their secrecy, they are held under the nose in addition to contractual conciliation clarifications of the fractions – various criminal code savings. For example, the paragraphs 133, 201, 203, 204 or 353 were mentioned here.

Even if the LKA should continue to determine: the CDU has accessed the ad. Wittmann’s good contacts have given the CDU a bad election publicity, so exactly what you wanted to avoid before the elections.

Conclusion: the independence wittmanns has dropped the information.

"Criminal state employers"

Ellsberg realized on tuesday, hundreds, if not thousands of employees had had the same access to the information that moved him to the leak (it was about the missants of the americans in the vietnam war). Although many of them knew that their employer, so the government, was criminal, and that this information is obvious, they were silent – for fear, their career in the government to danger.

Thousands were then thousands of the corrupt midestause of their criminal state employers. So it was also at the iraq war, where according to ellsberg "everyone had kept his mouth". And so it is still today.

A current PR action of the munchner city administration mutates here like a distraction manob. "Who stops the hand, flies out, there is zero tolerance, there is a ration", says personnel chef alexander dietrich the munchner city administration. Of course, it must be addressed against mortal corruption, but dietrich’s threat was allowed to category "the little ones are hanging, the gross let you run" be assigned.

What would be good if dietrich became aware that his boss, oberburgermeister dieter reiter (SPD), as well as against blatant law – like his employees, in which he promises zero tolerance? Or if something in the rough style is something in the argen, as well as the manipulation of bosch around the diesel exhaust scandal, pointed to the karsten from the break, which is followed by bosch for years for years? Or in the case of urban administrations, which has grown out of its fubgangs for years nitrogen oxides, although they are forbidden?

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