Samsung builds investments in chip technology

Samsung builds investments in chip technology

The sudkorean electronics giant samsung wants to increase its billions of investment in chip technology in view of the global semiconductor scarfity. By 2030, 171 trillion WON (about 125 billion euros) should be invested in the business with modern chip processors and contract manufacturing (foundry), as the world’s largest manufacturer of memory chips on thursday announced. This should accelerate research in the field of processor technology and the construction of new production facilities. Samsung was originally inquired in april 2019 investments of 133 trillion WON.

Samsung electronics has set itself the goal of expanding its market fuference for storage chips, which are used in smartphones, also on so-called logic chips until the end of this decade. For this purpose, samsung has worked together with various semiconductor design companies, part manufacturers and derogers in the past two years, as well as research institutions, threw it.

In addition, the company started with the construction of a new production line in its manufacturing complex in the city of pyeongtaek, which is about 65 kilometers. The system should be completed in the second half 2022. Other rough chip companies such as the industry prime intel in the US and TSMC in taiwan want to significantly expand their capacity with additional billion investments. The scarcity was also drawn from the skulfully increased demand for technology such as notebooks in the corona pandemic.

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