Siemens to supply electric drives for volvo

Siemens to supply electric drives for volvo

Munich, 31. August 2011 – siemens and volvo to cooperate on development of drives for electric cars. First joint project is to equip the volvo C30 electric with a siemens drive including power electronics and charging technology. The vehicle is scheduled to undergo initial road tests before the end of 2011. From the end of 2012, volvo will deliver 200 units of the C30 electric to siemens, where they will be tested as a test fleet under everyday conditions.

Remaining flexible

The development and production of powertrains is a core competence that carmakers do not normally like to relinquish. Because the development and production of internal combustion engines is associated with high value creation. In order not to lose this advantage with electric cars, volkswagen, for example, is developing its own electric drives and batteries. Volvo lacks the prerequisites for this because, as a ford subsidiary, the swedes are already predominantly ford manufacturers in the lower segments. However, volvo also does not want to set up its own production facility because working with a major partner makes it more flexible: the future platforms will be designed to be scalable so that they can be used for different levels of electrification. At the IAA (15. To 25. September 2011), volvo plans to present its platform concept.

Electric wholesale

Siemens, on the other hand, is well positioned to play a strong role in passenger cars because of its experience in rail and hybrid technology. Electric drives, battery management and charging technology are regarded as key technologies in the development of electric cars, according to munich. "The cooperation with volvo is an important milestone in the development of high-quality components and systems for the later series production of electric cars", said siegfried russwurm, member of the siemens managing board. Siemens wants to establish itself in the long term as a global systems supplier for electric vehicles. "We see ourselves as a comprehensive pioneer of electromobility".

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