Terrorism in latin america

A question of the definition power

During the media controlled openness since the 11. September the US and the middle east focuses, world political escalation also affects very different regions and conflicts that are rather marginal in the west. For example, in latin america, human rights activists, social movements and dissocessors of neoliberalism have been confronted since the latest quickly with a lump-sum terrorism. A closer look to colombia, ecuador and mexico, however, raises the question of whether it is not the existing order to be maintained with terrorist funds.

"That’s what the city is always recognizable, where you remember when you have forgotten the skin mushroom and the heat for a long time, the flames, the fire over the refinery, the troubled ziers in orange, yellow and blue high over the roof. The oil fighters appear far from the four- or funfstocky hotels in the center, the drilling tower, tanks and militar versions to be seen at the incident. … The village that seems to insist only from plug-in barracks is in the semi-darkness, despite its allegedly 400,000 inhabitants and the large refinery in the country. In many neighborhoods no electricity because the power plant is too small or undergone or the line is broken again. … The bus rocks restless. You can see the swinging glowing pears of billiardsalons, the dark, sweethearing skin of passers-by, the small powers in front of the pubs, the cantinas, and spurt, that this one encounter st, a nervous together, the return of a passion you just do not get started. This city is barrancabermeyja."

Barrancabermeja, described here by raul zelik in his novel la negra, is the hometown of ana rueda and pablo arenales. Ana rueda works for the women’s basilica organization organizacion femenina popular (OFP), in which a total of 45 death threats have been received since the beginning of the year, and for its commitment in october has received the german unifem prize of the united nations women’s development plant. The 29-year pablo arenal is active in credhos, a human rights organization, which has made itself the task of defending trade unionists, students, adolescents and other social activists against state and parasitic attacks. So far, seven employees of credhos have been murdered since the basic establishment of the organization in 1987. Once arenales himself was already in the violence of paramilitars, he could only escape by a coincidence, which he probably owes his life.

Terrorism in Latin America

Because barranca, as the colombians say, is located in one of the most tacted bonded areas in the burger war lasting over forty years, and recorded records of political murders. This is mainly due to the fact that the city is also located in one of the richest regions of the country: in addition to erfol reserves houses the magdalena medio the third grave gold mine in the world, extensive coal deposits, the most important water strand of the country, livestock, a rough biodiversity and also cultivated for KOKA. Until two years ago, barrancabermeja for the influence area of the second grave guerilla of the country (ejercito de liberacion nacional – eln), before they had to be backed up due to massive attacks of paramilitarian groups. These private militias, mostly financed under the hand of coarse landlords or coarse companies, are responsible in colombia for the worst human rights violations. (to the situation in barranca)

Since the ELL has been returned, the region is extremely militarized, and police and soldiers also prage the striving picture of barrancabermeja. However, the strong prasence of state power means anything but more security for the population. Because in addition to the uniformed, paramilitars also understood a narrow social control. Pablo arenales compare: "when there were still armed conflicts with the guerrilla in the city, unfortunately attacked at attacks on militar convo or barracks, uninvolved civilians. But since the paramilitars have said that, the number of dead has doubled: last year alone, 573 people were murdered in barranca, which corresponds to a dead every 16 hours."

The paramilitars intervene mainly against the political and social organization of population groups for their own concerns – because the erdolstadt barrancabermeja also has a long tradition of social struggle. During the population with the help of burger strikes

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