The danger conflict cashmere is all

The danger conflict cashmere is all

Gilgit-baltstan, where the solution of the conflict between india and pakistan could lie. Photo: gilbert colonko

In the crisis between the nuclear becomes india and pakistan, as for 71 years, it is all about the bergregion kashmir

Actually, everything seemed to go out as expected. The indian prime minister narendra modi had his "militar" in pakistani balacot and could have been asserted by his army, to have told 350 camphor of the jaish-e-mohammed (jem).

The jem had to stop on 14. February in the district of pulwama in kashmir known, where 45 indian soldiers have been killed. The pakistani army could claim that the indian planes only in the "forest" shot. But then the events also got control: the indians said to have shot down a pakistani F-16, the pakistani army an indian MIG-21 and they also captured the pilot.

It seemed clear that suddenly both militars had taken the events in the hands and swinged up each other – as they do for years and almost dare at the line of control turning: to damage usually come in civilians of both sides.

Tense tranquility

Currently stretched tranquility, but also because the indian press may be much more critical than in the unofficial military dictatorship of pakistan, modes are immensely under prere: as the pakistani army is around the indian pilots like a danceable, modes could be forced to be forced, because of the parliamentary elections in the coming may / june to comply militarian.

After the attack in pulwama, imran khan had a possibility to defark the crisis, he had everything to be delivered to masood azhar – the driver of the JEM. In 1999, AZHAR was freely pressed by an aircraft remuneration from indian imprisonment and has since been responsible for several connections in india.

That the pakistani army supports terrorist organizations like the JEM is considered secured – even the pakistani ex-general musharraf does not make a secret of it.

At the current crisis of the two nuclear era, it’s all about cashmere as for 71 years. The former furstentum kashmir fell after the division of india despite muslim population majority india. Since 1948 there is a UN resolution that states that people in cashmere should decide with a vote themselves who they would like to. India has prevented this vote in his part cashmere.

The case cashmere and pakistan dealing with minorities

But so clear is the case cashmere. A look after beliosistan shows how the pakistani army deals with independence-examinations. 1973-77 she struck there a rebellion bloody and vacuums the population until today. That the indian army has been supporting the trafficers for several years, as a retaliation for pakistan’s support from islamists, is strongly acceptable.

Even worse, the pakistani army went to east pakistan. When people there in 1971 to a rebellion against the foregoing west pakistan, the pakistani army massacred up to three million people, predominantly students and intellectuals. India came to the muslims east pakistan to help – bangladesh was born.

That IMRAN khan is the only well-known politician who has so far apologized for the grays of the pakistani army in the then east pakistan, shows that he is a man with which one can talk to. It is instantly trapped in a rough game, whose rules are still the pakistani army. So khan had operated political suicide at home, he had delivered the terrorist masood azhar to india.

Also a look at the hindu or muslim minorities in pakistan revealed that pakistan is the last country on earth who has the right to speak for people in the indian part cashmere. There, the majority meanwhile no longer wants to connect to pakistan, but the independence. But this can not allow india.

Since 1989, the pakistani militars support islamist fanatics in cashmere – and who were immediately accepted the booklet after any independence. In the face of the fact of the buddhist-hindu’s majorities in the cashmere areas such as ladakh, this would be irresponsible.

Intelligence services, militar – and the population

In addition, in india, there is a political left in india, which is committed to the muslims in the indian part of kashmir and requires a regional self-government for the muslims cashmere by the indian government. Also, that three floods of india fall in cashmere, an independent cashmere is currently inevitable.

However, there is a silence solution and lies in gilgit-baltstan, in pakistan managed part cashmere:

Just as unnoticed and quiet as the gilgit scouts in the winter of 1947 defeated the troops of the fursten hari singh and called the region, at that time northern areas, pakistan overwhelms, just as quiet is the region gilgit-baltstan until now a part of the cashmere conflict. Most of the simple pakistans in the suden, who are already convicted in their childhood cashmere, have no shimmer from the existence of this mountain region.

Despite ethnic conflicts – because the pakistani officers forced the settlement of sunnis from the south – there was never gross anti-pakistan movements there. On the contrary, people here finally want pakistan to recognize their region as part of the country. At the moment, in which the pakistan government has been doing this, they were recognized by india-managed parts cashmere as part of india

gilbert colonko, the solution of cashmere conflict is located in gilgit-baltstan

But because at least 20 pakistani intelligence services in gilgit-baltstan provide that the arger remains in their own four, one can only experience the true sustain of the majority in spoken on the spot: "I can not horse the word cashmere anymore. We, all pakistan, have to pay for their desire to pay. We have nothing against india, we hate the same music, love cricket, tea and the same food. When our government finally builds a friendly ratio to india, our cashmere can at any time can visit her ‘brother’ in jammu kashmir. The indians can go with us holidays and we with you!", said a 40-year-old in gilgit to me – representative of many others I talked about several trips to the region.

This is how it is currently at imran khan to convince its militars from breaking down with the islamist militants, because they will try to give OL to the fire in india and pakistan.

But china was able to help khan out hidden prere on the pakistani army, beijing with its billions in pakistan billions in pakistan has an interest in peace in the region and of course it also needs the 1.3 billion-market india for its products.

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