Xgimi horizon pro: 4k projector with android tv

XGimi Horizon Pro: 4K projector with Android TV

So far, xgimi tried to be more tried to portable minemers – the now presented beamer horizon and horizon pro should also make coarse rooms to the home theater. 4K resolution is reserved for the pro model, otherwise the devices are almost identical. Sales start in germany is the 10. May, prices start at 1100 euros.

Thus, the entry-level model with fullhd resolution in the same league as the short-prescribed xiaomi mi smart projector 2 pro, but is significantly lighter than its xiaomi counterpart (3.7 kilograms) and should with up to 2200 ANSI lumens (xiaomi 1300 ANSI lumens) achieve a high maximum brightness. So that the xgimi projector is also suitable as a daylight developer. Both horizon models run with android TV 10.0 and should throw a maximum of 300 inches rough picture to the wall.

Harman kardon sound

Thanks to built-in harman kardon speakers, horizon and horizon pro are not dependent on external playback devices. These can be alternatively via bluetooth (4.0) or connect jack cable. The horizon uber dual band WLAN, two HDMI inputs, have a USB-2.0- and a USB-3.0- and a LAN port.

The lifetime of the LED bulb estimates the manufacturer with 30.000 hours, but made no information on request, whether it will exchang itself. Both beamer stuck in an aluminum home, the entry-level model in a gray, the pro version in a matte black. Sales start is the 10. May, for the horizon, xgimi calls 1099, for the horizon per 1699 euros. Xgimi sells the projectors via their own website and AMAZL.

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