Bit noise: warrad around processors for windows 11, cpu bugs and super calculator

Bit noise: Warrad around processors for Windows 11, CPU bugs and super calculator

Windows 11 ensures the recording fabric and as with early windows generation changes, the hardware minimum requirements are sophisticated. With the at least collective processor, microsoft creates confusion with long types of types, especially at AMD types: a ryzen 5 2500U of the generation zen is not enough, but the weaker athlon 3000g – why?

In the end, windows 11 will probably reinstall to install ancient systems and also on which without trusted platform module (TPM 2.0). In any case, it speaks that it even works with a raspberry pi 4. In addition, microsoft is with TMP 2.0 in windows 11 does not enter the end of free hardware and software. What exactly it has with the module, we have in a FAQ to TPM 2.0 sudden.

Bit noise: Warrad around processors for Windows 11, CPU bugs and super calculator

Unusual sight: windows 11 runs on a raspberry PI 4, so on the four arm processor cores of the broadcom BCM2711.

Intel’s microcode update

Intel surprised with the switching off of functions via microcode update such as the transactional synchronization extensions (TSX) to shock an external safety chuck in some processors. Because TSX only promises advantages for specifically adapted database software, this is not a significant disadvantage.

But TSX was not the only function that intel disabled intel by microcode update, but also the undocumented function in a few CPU types "hardware zero store", which the collection of data fields in the RAM is done very quickly, provided that it is only zeros. Because therefore, the retrieval with zeros is faster than with other values, the processor reacts differently depending on the content of the processed data. This in turn is theoretically abused as a side channel (timing side channel) to help information about data that the CPU is currently writing.

The software performance expert travis downs had discovered this behavior and reported to intel. He showed himself in his blog but surprised that intel only as "low" safety risk classified safety cheek CVE-2020-24512 by switching off the function stuffed. Downs raises the question of whether one really has to luck every tiny luck.

Also intel with super cache?

At the beginning of june, AMD had coming ryzen variants with huge "3D V-cache" confirmed, which mainly bring gaming calculator to trot. They could come at the end of the year as ryzen 5000 XT or also 6000. Allegedly, intel plans like a similar, for the core I generation "raptor lake", the mid 2022 "alder lake" followed; the latter is expected in autumn as core I-12000. Maybe alder lake comes along with windows 11 because the new windows can allegedly be better dealt with hybrid processors: alder lake will combine particularly strong with particularly efficient computing.

Now AMD conjured surprisingly that "AMD 4700S desktop kit" from the hat, a mini-ITX mainboard with an octo-core processor and 16 GB GDDR6-RAM. It is the recycling of chips, which were actually manufactured for the game console PS5, but whose graphic unit does not work as intended. Presumably, AMD wants to make a small contribution to the mitigation of semiconductor scarcity.

Supercomputer tires on the current top500 list of the fastest supercomputers scratches AMD with 48 EPYY systems at the 10 percent mark; up to 58. Top500 list in november she could be crossed. But not all supercomputer projects are running smoothly: already at the end of 2020, the barcelona supercomputing center (BSC) of the 200-petaflops-bolide mare nostrum 5 should go to the start. But the 197 tender was completed in april 2021 without result.

According to the US website politio, the consortium-funded consortium was not a quotation in the EU and several individual states: spain was therefore favored the proposal of IBM and lenovo, who promised the most performance. Among other things, france gives a higher share of EU suppliers, allegedly promised the offer of the french ATOS. This shows how conflict-beard is the principle good idea to demand the digital sovereignty in the EU.

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