Intel apps on arm macs: apple prepares removal of translation layers

Intel apps on Arm Macs: Apple prepares removal of translation layers

Apple is clearly resistant to remove its in macos 11 alias big sur rosetta 2 technology, with the intel programs running on arm machines, to remove. This has the developer steve moser in the throughout the youngest (third) beta version of macos 11.3 discovered that appeared this week. What is the reason this has, so far remains in the dark; however, a corresponding string should have not yet been present in early big-sur versions.

"In its region not long conservation"

According to the moser, it is called in the text that is apparently intended for a new warning window, in english, that rosetta "with installation this update removed" will. Another string describes the process closer: "rosetta is not a long time in its region. Applications that need rosetta will not run long." if this "feature" in fact, part of macos 11.3 is, do not say.

The integration of such statements does not mean that apple rosetta 2 impressively buried promptly. However, they suggest that at least in individual regions, the group is preparing to do this – or must. Moser speculates that this could have legal reasons, but it remains unclear, which concrete. Alternatively, apple was simply preparing for upcoming times.

Memories of powerpc times

That apple one day will remove rosetta 2 from macos for arm machines is generally considered to be made. Similarly, the group already went to intel at the switch from powerpc. At that time, powerpc programs also thanks to a translation layer continued – with rosetta in first version. This remote apple from macos lion (mac OS X 10.7) what kind of users of legacy programs. Rosetta, however, was part of the mac operating system from 2006 to 2010, which now discovered strings suggest a greater demise.

Rosetta 2 currently makes an excellent job. Like benchmarks and practical use show, intel code runs on M1 machines sometimes faster than native. So the change to the arm machines for many users is also possible with lots of intel code without much stress possible. A quick end of rosetta 2 was prevented by the goods at this time for apple so hardly of interest.

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