Tesla can not continue to develop factory at berlin as planned

Tesla can not continue to develop factory at Berlin as planned

The construction work of US electric autobauer tesla for its factory in grunheide near berlin are currently not as planned. The reason is a lack of approval of the landesumweltamt brandenburg for the application for early at all of the assembly of a part of the paint shop and the clearing of 93 hectares forest. The brandenburg state government, however, is currently no danger for the schedule.

The examination of the sixth application for premature start of construction as well as the proceedings for the remuneration approval under the federal immission protection act, said the spokeswoman of the ministry of the environment, frauke tent, on friday. "There is nothing tight." the application was discussed before the hearing of critics in september. However, the findings from this erister should be considered for this. From well-informed circles also bothered, the schedule see a production start in early july 2021.

"The country needs the statutes for the final authorization under the federal immission protection act", said burgermeister arne christiani (partilos) of the german press agency. He expects it, "the schedule is realistic". The development plan is among other things about strain expansion.

Environmental approval is far from

From the next year, electric cars should roll from the band in grunheide – it is the first work of this kind in europe. The rundfunk berlin-brandenburg (RBB) reported on friday, tesla had warned against a delay for the entire project and asked for a single authorization for the paint shop. The application documents show that the paint shop from 1. October should be installed. The company did not take care of all. The complete environmental approval by the country is so far out, so tesla builds over flowers.

"It is the common goal that next year the first vehicles can roll in grunheide from the band", said brandenburg’s economic minister jorg steinbach (SPD) on friday the daily mirror after a meeting with tesla boss elon musk on thursday. "We have remained on a reasonable common line." musk had learned what is possible in the schedule and what was not possible because it became the legal certainty of the project dangerous.

Wanted: problemless – graduation no matter!

In the conversation, it was about content and time questions, said steinbach. He was impressed that musk about details was very well informed and accepting the matter personal. Musk had arrived on thursday surprisingly in germany – for the second time within a few months.

The tesla boss passed on friday application for application to find top engineers, as he had previously announced. "I’m just looking for trouble-free things that do things with a high mab on urgency", he wrote on friday at twitter. "I do not care if or where they went to school." he also gave the tip: applicants should describe some of the most serious problems in their resume they had solved – and say how.

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