Too high co2 values: porsche threatens back call

Too high CO2 values: Porsche threatens back call

Porsche threatens the jerk of thousands of his vehicles. In connection with possible manipulations on the hardware and software of some aging vehicle models, the motorfahrtamtamt (KBA) according to DPA information has meanwhile initiated a formal training procedure against the manufacturer. The KBA and also porsche confirmed on request, in each case, that a process run, both sides but not too details. In the result, ultimately a jerk of the affected vehicles could be arranged.

KBA investigations for mutually incorrect consumption statements for certain porsche vehicles have been holding the hearings for months. Porsche had communicated in august 2020, you have internal exams "subjects" discovered and these reported to the resist. Affect these topics "specific hardware and software components used in typing quantities" have been. According to business insider if the amount of the KBA has occurred in the meantime, the CO2 emissions on the test role were much high in certain models than the manufacturer for the type approvals had indicated.

Porsche explained, concerned "few models" and a "very small stuck". The proportion of relevant vehicles is less than one percent of the porsche fleet. Also give it too "none of these vehicles" so far a mortal decision. "The process is in a fresh stage of appeal."

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