Two billion euros: germany demands quantum computers “made in germany”

Two billion euros: Germany demands quantum computers'made in germany''made in germany'

In the international race for the technology of the future, the federal government has released a total of two billion euros for the development of quantum computers. 1.1 billion euro awards the federal research department, 878 million euros from the budget of the federal ministry of economics. The aim is to build a competitive quantum computer within the next five years in germany and creating a corresponding okosystem with potential users, said federal research minister anja karliczek (CDU) on tuesday in berlin.

"The quantum technologies are one of the decisive final technologies of the future", said karliczek. "You will allow us to make our communication absolutely safely, with highly sensitive sensors to make tuning in medical technology or to prevent quantum computing previously not soluble problems in logistics or material research."

The concept of quantum computers reacts research and industry to the fact that the previously full development of high-performance computers stabs their physical limits. A quantum computer does not store information in the form of bits that can only take two possible materials, namely one or zero, but in the form of qubits.

Competitive quantum computer

To achieve a quick implementation, 16 experts have in recent months "roadmap quantum computing" developed, it is called by the federal ministry of education and research. In order to achieve the goal of the program, the research department first calls for the construction of "demonstration quantum computers". With the construction of the "demonstrators" should early test take place to identify the advantages and disadvantages and system-specific errors and to explore technical features of different technological approaches for quantum computing.

The first quantum computers should have 24 fully functional qubits. Within the five years a competitive german quantum computer should be equipped with at least 100 individually controllable qubts – scalable to at least 500 qubits. The currently large quantum computers are a 65 qubit computer of IBM and a 54-qubit system of google.

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