Two billion euros: Germany demands quantum computers'made in germany''made in germany'

In the international race for the technology of the future, the federal government has released a total of two billion euros for the development of quantum computers. 1.1 billion euro awards the federal research department, 878 million euros from the budget of the federal ministry of economics. The aim is to build a competitive quantum computer within the next five years in germany and creating a corresponding okosystem with potential users, said federal research minister anja karliczek (CDU) on tuesday in berlin.

"The quantum technologies are one of the decisive final technologies of the future", said karliczek. "You will allow us to make our communication absolutely safely, with highly sensitive sensors to make tuning in medical technology or to prevent quantum computing previously not soluble problems in logistics or material research."

The concept of quantum computers reacts research and industry to the fact that the previously full development of high-performance computers stabs their physical limits. A quantum computer does not store information in the form of bits that can only take two possible materials, namely one or zero, but in the form of qubits.

Intel apps on Arm Macs: Apple prepares removal of translation layers

Apple is clearly resistant to remove its in macos 11 alias big sur rosetta 2 technology, with the intel programs running on arm machines, to remove. This has the developer steve moser in the throughout the youngest (third) beta version of macos 11.3 discovered that appeared this week. What is the reason this has, so far remains in the dark; however, a corresponding string should have not yet been present in early big-sur versions.

"In its region not long conservation"

According to the moser, it is called in the text that is apparently intended for a new warning window, in english, that rosetta "with installation this update removed" will. Another string describes the process closer: "rosetta is not a long time in its region. Applications that need rosetta will not run long." if this "feature" in fact, part of macos 11.3 is, do not say.

The integration of such statements does not mean that apple rosetta 2 impressively buried promptly. However, they suggest that at least in individual regions, the group is preparing to do this – or must. Moser speculates that this could have legal reasons, but it remains unclear, which concrete. Alternatively, apple was simply preparing for upcoming times.

The sanctuary "market"

"The market is already regulating" – the mantra of the market economy and its representatives. It is always paid us again and again and we know it’s right. The market is already regulating. We know pretty much as he works and what he is. No one should be in question. "The market is already regulating." what "the market" is, we know exactly. Only what "it" is that he regulates that nobody said us.

This is not a pladoyer dafur to introduce a planned economy according to the model of the former real existing socialism. Solely the duty to say this to avoid a discussion war already shows that the market is considered sanctuary. Criticism of the market is criticism at the existing system, which has existed for decades, the "communism" has survived and therefore already with many already a unique to change. But even the losers of this strategy often belong to the defenders of the traditional.

There is a lot to do: in berlin, the seventh family report was introduced and about the problem of "specific german life planning" to the grain

On 20. February 2003, the then minister for family, seniors, women and youth, renate schmidt, called one of those in red-green government times obligatory expert commissions. It should be under the chairmanship of the family and youth researchers hans bertram, who has a chair for microsoziology at the berlin humboldt university, fundamentally analyze the topic "future of the family" among the aspects of social change and social integration and, unlike fresh family reports – the sixth appeared in 2000, his transaction in 1994 – not primarily describe the mistakes of the past. Instead, this time, this time, the development of timebeam perspectives and political action instruments to be able to react adequately to "the new challenges of spatmoder companies".

After three years, scientists have completed their work now. The seventh family report family between flexibility and reliability was presented on yesterday in berlin, adopted by the federal cabinet and at the homepage of the federal ministry of family, seniors, women and youth by the expert commission also commented separately.

Bit noise: Warrad around processors for Windows 11, CPU bugs and super calculator

Windows 11 ensures the recording fabric and as with early windows generation changes, the hardware minimum requirements are sophisticated. With the at least collective processor, microsoft creates confusion with long types of types, especially at AMD types: a ryzen 5 2500U of the generation zen is not enough, but the weaker athlon 3000g – why?

In the end, windows 11 will probably reinstall to install ancient systems and also on which without trusted platform module (TPM 2.0). In any case, it speaks that it even works with a raspberry pi 4. In addition, microsoft is with TMP 2.0 in windows 11 does not enter the end of free hardware and software. What exactly it has with the module, we have in a FAQ to TPM 2.0 sudden.

Bit noise: Warrad around processors for Windows 11, CPU bugs and super calculator

Unusual sight: windows 11 runs on a raspberry PI 4, so on the four arm processor cores of the broadcom BCM2711.

New arm top core for smartphones: Cortex-X2 with ARMV9

Arm announces the first armv9-A processor cores of the "cortex"-family: cortex-x2, cortex-a710 and cortex-a510. All can be configured with the vector chevers SVE2, which promise significantly more floating point computing power than arms previous SIMD extension neon.

The cortex-x2 is said to provide 16 percent more integer performance than the cortex X1, which is scheduled for almost exactly one year, which is in current smartphone socs of the top class like qualcomm snapdragon 888 and samsung exynos 2100. Samsung will also use the cortex X2 – so it could expect in a 2022 successor of the galaxy S21.

The cortex-A510 is as a successor to the widespread cortex-A55 as a particularly efficient "power sparks" for combination with cortex A710 or even stronger cortex x2 cores. Arm calls the dynamiq verbund, fruhe "big.Little".

Tesla can not continue to develop factory at Berlin as planned

The construction work of US electric autobauer tesla for its factory in grunheide near berlin are currently not as planned. The reason is a lack of approval of the landesumweltamt brandenburg for the application for early at all of the assembly of a part of the paint shop and the clearing of 93 hectares forest. The brandenburg state government, however, is currently no danger for the schedule.

The examination of the sixth application for premature start of construction as well as the proceedings for the remuneration approval under the federal immission protection act, said the spokeswoman of the ministry of the environment, frauke tent, on friday. "There is nothing tight." the application was discussed before the hearing of critics in september. However, the findings from this erister should be considered for this. From well-informed circles also bothered, the schedule see a production start in early july 2021.

"The country needs the statutes for the final authorization under the federal immission protection act", said burgermeister arne christiani (partilos) of the german press agency. He expects it, "the schedule is realistic". The development plan is among other things about strain expansion.

Too high CO2 values: Porsche threatens back call

Porsche threatens the jerk of thousands of his vehicles. In connection with possible manipulations on the hardware and software of some aging vehicle models, the motorfahrtamtamt (KBA) according to DPA information has meanwhile initiated a formal training procedure against the manufacturer. The KBA and also porsche confirmed on request, in each case, that a process run, both sides but not too details. In the result, ultimately a jerk of the affected vehicles could be arranged.

KBA investigations for mutually incorrect consumption statements for certain porsche vehicles have been holding the hearings for months. Porsche had communicated in august 2020, you have internal exams "subjects" discovered and these reported to the resist. Affect these topics "specific hardware and software components used in typing quantities" have been. According to business insider if the amount of the KBA has occurred in the meantime, the CO2 emissions on the test role were much high in certain models than the manufacturer for the type approvals had indicated.

Porsche explained, concerned "few models" and a "very small stuck". The proportion of relevant vehicles is less than one percent of the porsche fleet. Also give it too "none of these vehicles" so far a mortal decision. "The process is in a fresh stage of appeal."

The gentech giant monsanto has to pay $ 1.5 million penalty conditions because indonesian officials were bribed

Indonesia currently has other concerns as a discussion about genetic engineering, the country is difficult to hit by the tsunami catastrophe. Nevertheless, it is interesting to read how it is trying to take effect in developing or emerging channels of biotech corporations. So monsanto high-ranking indonesian officials to be in the country "favorable climate" to create for gentech plants.

A monsanto manager tried in 2002, a high-ranking official with 50.000 US dollars to impress. In return, the author should then do without environmental contract delivery for genetically engineered cotton. But out of the deal then nothing got. And it came worse for the group. Monsanto was now sentenced to payment 1.5 million dollars in the USA because of the break of american anti-corruption laws, as BBC reports.

The learning Bauhaus

Kurt schwerdtfeger: reflector color light games; light performance, 1922. Picture / reconstruction: courtesy of microscope gallery and kurt schwerdtfeger estate © 2016

Indigenous art helped the bauhaus to discover its modernity

374 years after his time the portuguese archbishop sardinha was still not digested. In 1554, the brazilian tupi indians had incorporated him. That was the occasion to call oswald de andrades in 1928, to finish the cannibalism as a friendly nude. In his "anthropophagic manifesto" he turned around the moral write-ups. The incorporation is annihilation to make something of its own. The bishop had to believe in it because he was representative of the european culture, the raw material of a renewal.