Intel apps on Arm Macs: Apple prepares removal of translation layers

Apple is clearly resistant to remove its in macos 11 alias big sur rosetta 2 technology, with the intel programs running on arm machines, to remove. This has the developer steve moser in the throughout the youngest (third) beta version of macos 11.3 discovered that appeared this week. What is the reason this has, so far remains in the dark; however, a corresponding string should have not yet been present in early big-sur versions.

"In its region not long conservation"

According to the moser, it is called in the text that is apparently intended for a new warning window, in english, that rosetta "with installation this update removed" will. Another string describes the process closer: "rosetta is not a long time in its region. Applications that need rosetta will not run long." if this "feature" in fact, part of macos 11.3 is, do not say.

The integration of such statements does not mean that apple rosetta 2 impressively buried promptly. However, they suggest that at least in individual regions, the group is preparing to do this – or must. Moser speculates that this could have legal reasons, but it remains unclear, which concrete. Alternatively, apple was simply preparing for upcoming times.

New arm top core for smartphones: Cortex-X2 with ARMV9

Arm announces the first armv9-A processor cores of the "cortex"-family: cortex-x2, cortex-a710 and cortex-a510. All can be configured with the vector chevers SVE2, which promise significantly more floating point computing power than arms previous SIMD extension neon.

The cortex-x2 is said to provide 16 percent more integer performance than the cortex X1, which is scheduled for almost exactly one year, which is in current smartphone socs of the top class like qualcomm snapdragon 888 and samsung exynos 2100. Samsung will also use the cortex X2 – so it could expect in a 2022 successor of the galaxy S21.

The cortex-A510 is as a successor to the widespread cortex-A55 as a particularly efficient "power sparks" for combination with cortex A710 or even stronger cortex x2 cores. Arm calls the dynamiq verbund, fruhe "big.Little".

Privacy Label: Apple explains what developers have to be observed

For new app store applications as well as updates since december, it has been mandatory that these so-called data protection labels are delivering – not just the iphone, but also on the other apple platforms.

However, there seems to be a lot of confusion, which is indeed necessary and how concrete the information must be made. Apple has therefore set up a new information page, the details of more detail. This should be urged by all developers urgently.

Auto certification by developer

The new offer is currently available only in english and leads more information on the different data types covered by the data protection label – including SMS, e-mails and game content. In addition, developers experience convenier details of web views collected information and user-generated data in documents and other file types. Apple also makes it clear how to deal with location data – or their different types of description.

Apple's Time Machine finally runs with APFS

Big sur comes with a function that apple users have missed since the apple file system (APFS) has been used: the compatibility of the proprietary file system with the backup method time machine on external media. This reports developers who could try the beta of macos 11.

Transparent and as usual

If you wanted to make fuses built up with the technique built in the operating system, the mac connected hard drives and ssds had to be formatted with the old file system HFS +, although apfs are standard on all macos machines – for the first time with macos 10.13 ALIAS HIGH SIERRA. Now this is finally changed – already the first beta of big sur seems to easily create backups with APFS volumes. (local backups on the APFS standard medium have already been usable.To)

No reformatting necessary

The time machine settings accept external APFS media, as has so far only with HFS + volumes the case – and also the backup works as aware. A reformatting of APFS media in the HFS + format, which was necessary for time-machine activation so far, remotes. The process is transparent, it does not seem to give a difference to HFS +, as many users had also boosted. Time machine puts commanative backups for the last 24 hours, day-to-day backups for the past month and weekly backups for the past months – each until the record is full. The oldest backups are beaten gradually gradually.

AIRTAGS: Apple improves the stalking protection

Apple needs to emerge at the firmware for AIRTAGS: the version 1, which is already committed at the beginning of june.0.276, which is to improve the stalking protection of the tracker, will now be provided in a new catch. The version number itself remains unnecessary. Information on the innovations of the firmware revision has not yet called apple.

Many AIRTAG users reported that they are the firmware update to 1.0.276 have not received in the course of the backing weeks, but the new version after sharing has now been directly installed on the tags. Maybe the new build of the firmware thus corrects problems when playing.

The firmware version currently installed on the airtags can be found in the "where is?"-APP exams, for that you types the battery icon in the AIRTAG detail view to open the firmware version information – as well as the serial number. An installation of the update does not manually make, it will be performed automatically when the airtags are located near the associated iphone.

New iMacs: Again references to soon release

Apple’s developer conference WWDC was exciting in terms of new software, but did not bring a single fresh hardware product. In particular, the desktop macs require an early update – so apple imac and mac mini has not been touched for a long time. At least in the former all-in-one computer, the cloned again, that it soon could give new devices.

Wait until september

Even before the WWDC, speculation had given that the imac will appear with new technology. But then nothing has done. Now apple’s in-house online shops again shows evidence that an exchange is imminent: the 27-inch model of the machine is only hard to have. Yesterday was called for various models only at the beginning of september as a delivery date. Meanwhile, the availability indicator has started at eight to nine weeks.

In the german apple online store, the two imacs at 3.1 and 3.7 ghz, ie the two more expensive standard models, continues to receive a waiting time to at the latest 3. September. With cheapest standard imac with 27. Customs must be patient until the end of july. Interestingly, in large stores such as the berlin kudamm no models are original – that is very unusual for such a standard seller. If the availability goes down on hardware, this is often a sign for that apple followed.

Apple steps critical luck in logon'sign in with apple''sign in with apple'

Apple has a serious safety chuck in his logon service "sign in with apple" closed, through which an attacker could take over the identity of any user registered user-registered user. The IT security specialist bhavuk jain discovered the lucke and reported her to apple, for whom he received a reward, reported the hacker news.

Identity in tokens not compared

The LUCKE allows an attacker to authenticate to a service or an app that is back to the apple logon service as an arbitrary user. Thus, the attacker was able to act within the service or the app as this user, so take the external apple account within this context complete. Jain reported the vulnerability discovered in april at apple and got within the company’s bow-bounty program of 100.000 US dollar reward disbursed.

After the authentication is completed with the apple logon server, an exchange between the service or the APP of the third-party provider and the apple server uber JSON web tokens begins so that the identity support is also transmitted to the third-party provider. In this case, jain of modified tokens with a foreign identity (a potential sacrifice) could show themselves and spend themselves against the third-party provider than this identity because apple did not check whether the originally authenticated users and the user activity in the tokens will explain the hacker news.

Facebook and the wisdom of the swarm

Screenshot from the portal of the NASDAQ three hours after borseneneroffnung on 21.5.2012

From the gap between the officially widespread swarmsfeeding and their perception in decision-makers

In democracy, the wisdom of many of the best used bases is. Currently, not only sarrazin drives german democracy towards referendum over the euro, but also editors react largely only on topics that seem to guarantee the majority consent in the form of popularity, at least attention. In the case of facebook, however, the wisdom of the swarm can be measured in the short term – we use this opportunity for the field research of schwarzommittelligenz.

Virtualizer Parallels comes as a beta on arm Macs

For macs with apple silicon, a first commercial virtualization software has been published: parallels offers interested users a technical preview of parallels desktop 16 to the test and thus allows the use of virtual machines to the new arm macs. This will also make it possible to operate windows 10 in a virtual machine – but only in the arm export, which offers microsoft over its insider program for download.

Several restrictions, partly lasting

Parallels new virtualization engine has several restrictions on how the manufacturer informed against beta testers. Some are to be closed as part of the further development, but others are on "fundamental technical restrictions just related to the intel X86 platform" influence. For this purpose, it was possible that it is in parallels on macs with apple silicon impamentially, X86-based operating systems in a virtual machine – for virtualization is a windows-based operating system for the ARM architecture as image (VHDX or ISO) required. Also arm32 apps do not work, notes parallels.

Currently, it is not possible to accept virtual machines and continue later, users have to shut down these. That was allowed to obey the restrictions that are resolved in the further course. Interested users can "parallels desktop 16 for M1 mac technical preview" refer to the manufacturer’s website.