Siemens to supply electric drives for volvo

Munich, 31. August 2011 – siemens and volvo to cooperate on development of drives for electric cars. First joint project is to equip the volvo C30 electric with a siemens drive including power electronics and charging technology. The vehicle is scheduled to undergo initial road tests before the end of 2011. From the end of 2012, volvo will deliver 200 units of the C30 electric to siemens, where they will be tested as a test fleet under everyday conditions.

Remaining flexible

The development and production of powertrains is a core competence that carmakers do not normally like to relinquish. Because the development and production of internal combustion engines is associated with high value creation. In order not to lose this advantage with electric cars, volkswagen, for example, is developing its own electric drives and batteries. Volvo lacks the prerequisites for this because, as a ford subsidiary, the swedes are already predominantly ford manufacturers in the lower segments. However, volvo also does not want to set up its own production facility because working with a major partner makes it more flexible: the future platforms will be designed to be scalable so that they can be used for different levels of electrification. At the IAA (15. To 25. September 2011), volvo plans to present its platform concept.

Electric wholesale

Siemens, on the other hand, is well positioned to play a strong role in passenger cars because of its experience in rail and hybrid technology. Electric drives, battery management and charging technology are regarded as key technologies in the development of electric cars, according to munich. "The cooperation with volvo is an important milestone in the development of high-quality components and systems for the later series production of electric cars", said siegfried russwurm, member of the siemens managing board. Siemens wants to establish itself in the long term as a global systems supplier for electric vehicles. "We see ourselves as a comprehensive pioneer of electromobility".

Delivery times for new cars: suv buyers are waiting for the longest

Duisburg, 5. October 2011 – delivery times for new cars in germany remain a high level of high levels. The average waiting time was 3.6 months in september as in august 2011. A closer look at the study results of the center automotive research (CAR) of the university of duisburg-essen clarifies that the delivery periods depend on the manufacturer and model clearly. Before all the buyers sought-after SUV models often have to be fun for five months and more long to the vehicle.

BMW delivers the fastest

At 2.5 months on average, BMW is the manufacturer with the shortest delivery times. Compared to august 2011, the munchner manufacturer has its customers to wait 0.4 months less on individually configurable new cars. Although suzuki was also able to improve by 0.3 months, yet the japanese manufacturer together with KIA forms the tail light (5.1 months each). However, the two asian manufacturers have to accept long transport routes. VW also has a high-average delivery time with five months. Volvo was able to improve the strongest. At the swedish manufacturer, the delivery times with three months compared to the previous month decreased by 0.9 months. Among the german manufacturers audi makes the big jump. The ingolstadter let your customers with 4.1 months delivery time now wait 0.8 months less. According to CAR, the results indicate a rearance in the german car market, the highlight of the new orders is therefore already exceeded.

Russelsheim, 24. April 2014 – mitsubishi releases the electric vehicle (fruher: "I-miv") and the outlander phev for the bidirectional shop. From the 16 kwh of the small car can be used thirst for dafur zwolf; the OUTLANDER PHEV is available from the total zwolf KWH capacity nine. The japanese manufacturer thus creates the basis for the second stage of network integration – the electric car as a mobile buffer for electricity.

"But the first step must be to charge network," says thomic ruschmeyer, chairman of the federal association of solar mobilitat (BSM) and at the same time speaker of the AG mobilitat in the federal association renewable energy E.V. (bee). For the owner of an electric car, it has to pay off in euro and cents to recharge a grunge electricity exactly if it is particularly much on the net, so ruschmeyer. In the future, the vehicle will then function as a network service provider: "the japanese are generally a stucco in their development. This is also a consequence of the double catastrophe of tsunami and fukushima ". Translated: mitsubishi, honda and toyota now show how self-resistant that battery and fuel cell electric cars can supply a house.

So that it works well with the bidirectional current flow in germany, scientists of the technology transfer center (TZ) of the university of wurzburg-schweinfurt have built the prototype of a so-called powerbox. This is an AC / DC converter with a discharge capacity of up to 20 kw. In the homeland mitsubishi motors has been offering such a stucco power electronics for everyone since 2012; it works with 1.5 kw power. Enough to be used as an emergency generator.

The gift of poison

Varano (italy), 5. December 2014 – an in advance: the abarth 695 biposto is pretty much the nonsensical small car since the blessed renault clio V6. And at least as late as this one, of which we could at least partially convince ourselves at an exit.


Much closer than in the biposto you will not come with a serial car a real cuprovenbag. Finally stand abarth’s assetto corse race car pate. And for a variety this is not just in the brochure. That’s why the biposto has no ruckbank (biposto is nothing but two-seater, so with the ruckbank offered so), no air conditioning, no radio and no xenon or fog lights. There are remarkably a lot of carbon or exotic stuff like strings from titanium. Abarth was so good in omitting that the little devil weighs below 1000 kilograms. That’s just under 60 less than the standard abarth 500.

A little bit stronger

In order to bring the consequences of the diet even more radical, you also have the 1,4-liter turbomotor worked. He is now almost identical to the ASSETTO CORSE machine, say: a little more boost prere, a new charge air skool, a carbon airbox and a flap exhaust from akrapovic. Result: 190 hp. So far, the top performance of the abarth-T-jet motor was at 180 hp. The torque remains the same with 250 nm. The biposto represents with a power weight of 5.2 kg per PS and is intended to unwind the zero-on-100 km / h-sprint in 5.9 seconds. The highest speed is 230 km / h.

The consideration of diesel driving bans because of too high air burden in german bads should be made more difficult according to the will of chancellor angela merkel (CDU) by law. The CDU believe that driving bans usually are not relevant if the limit values for nitrogen dioxide are reduced only to a small extent, said on sunday (21. October 2018) after a meeting of the CDU top bodies. Accordingly, their party wants to change the laws.

In the citys like frankfurt, berlin or stuttgart, the air is burdened too strongly with pollutants. In many places, the limit value for nitrogen dioxide is exceeded. It can irritate respiratory tract and eyes that drove lung function states or to cardiovascular diseases. Cars with diesel engine are a cause of the bad air. In several cities threaten after court judging driving bans for alteren self-cord.

With a view to manipulated exhaust tests, the transition to less environmental cars and the installation SCR catalysts in old diesel cars said merkel, they stand by the side of the car owner. You should not create financial damage. You see "in a very important mabe" the auto industry in the responsibility. "Because the automotive industry has really massively confidently confidently, and therefore it must contribute to a contribution to restore this."

Electric oil for the coast city jungle

Tokyo (japan), 9. November 2011 – with the pivo 3 knows nissan for the tokyo motor show (3. Until 11 december 2011) the youngest generation of his series of concept cars for the gross city traffic of tomorrow. The electric electrowel with wheel hub motors is less than three meters long and designed for up to three occupants; it should turn on a straight four meter wide strain in a train.

Auto parking search

The driver of the PIVO 3 is centrally located in the directions of the journey, left and right of him ever finds a passenger. An automatic parking system called AVP (automated valet parking) should be sold-outly oriented locations. The charging of the batteries also does the PIVO 3 itself and can then be requested by smartphone command back to parking exit.

New commercial vehicle NV 350

In addition to the PIVO 3, nissan in tokyo introduces the new van NV350, which is located between the models NV200 and NV400. The van offers up to three meters cargo space, in the ratio 50:50 divisible and foldable back seats, a flexible loading space system and comfortable extras such as a final access and starting system with engine start button as well as a parking brake with pedal structure. The market import of the NV350 in japan is scheduled for summer 2012.

About four years after the spectacular mass recall of millions of toyotas, a U.S. Court has exonerated the japanese automaker. The manufacturer was not responsible for a 2009 accident that killed a woman, judges in los angeles ruled. The toyota of the 66-year-old had accelerated uncontrollably after an initial collision with another car and crashed into a tree. During this time, toyota was in the headlines for allegedly jamming gas pedal pedals and slipping floor mats that could have blocked the brakes. As a result, the group had recalled more than eight million vehicles worldwide.

Later it turned out that the accidents were caused by driving errors according to the expert’s opinion. Nevertheless, toyota’s image as a manufacturer of particularly reliable cars was severely tarnished. Group CEO akio toyoda was sharply attacked at a hearing before the U.S. Congress. The japanese were to blame for the deaths of many people because they had concealed technical faults, was the accusation – which has since been refuted.

The court in los angeles also found no evidence that a technical defect could be responsible for the fatal collision in 2009. The victim’s husband and son had accused the manufacturer that a missing brake assistant had caused the accident. Instead, the judges ordered the driver of the other car involved to pay $10 million (7.4 million euros) in damages. The 66-year-old’s car, a 2006 toyota camry, was not affected by the recalls.

The accident researcher siegfried brockmann has pronounced himself for a general pace 80 in avenues. This should be regarded independently whether protective planks are installed or not, brockmann said on thursday at a specialist conference of the regional road mecklenburg-vorpommern in rostock. "Also a protective plank is an obstacle."

For existing gravities in avenues, for example due to curvy route, should even be arranged tempo 70. Brockmann is boss of accident research at the overall association of insurers based in berlin. In mecklenburg-vorpommern saumen birches, oaks, linden, horse chestnuts, booking and maple nearly 4400 kilometers of the country.

In 2017, in the northeast, 26 road users died after collisions with strain trees, this was 55 percent of all on land totenes, as brockmann exported. "That’s the worst value throughout germany."In his view, no state government can be made with it. In addition to the speed limit to the necessary program protection planks, which prevent the cars from bounce against tree. At the same time, MUSSE ensure that where there are no busts, there are no new platters.

Bring the energy transition to momentum

Image: pixabay license

A debate contribution with conceptual considerations for the further development of the energy transition

Apart from the AFD, which absorbs the human climate change and wants to continue to use fossil fuels as before, there is consensus in all parties represented in the german bundestag that climate change represents an existential threat to humanity, with global greenhouse gas emissions, primarily the CO2 emissions that are cause and therefore must be reduced. Everyone also agreed that the time is over and that we have to act quickly when we want to limit the temperature rise.

China, according to electroautos insiders, may be further resuming in the coming year. The state wanted to animate the manufacturers to drive the development stronger, instead of relying on claims for cars with alternative drives, the news agency reported bloomberg today (6. July 2018) calling on with the matter familiar persons. The average requirement per car was sinking by more than a third compared to 2018.

The new regulation was allowed to regulate the sources that only cars with a range of at least 200 kilometers benefit from the demand. So far, the threshold is 150 kilometers. Still advise on the plan, so it still give changes. The state development and reform commission did not respond to a request on the topic.

Already in february, china had changed the rules so that cars with less than 300 kilometers reach a graded claim. For cars, which come with a battery charge 400 kilometers and further, however, the subsidy became 50.000 yuan (6445 euros) up. With the financial incentives, china wants to drive the proportion of cars with purely electric and hybrid drives, which can also be loaded on the socket,.