The sanctuary "market"

"The market is already regulating" – the mantra of the market economy and its representatives. It is always paid us again and again and we know it’s right. The market is already regulating. We know pretty much as he works and what he is. No one should be in question. "The market is already regulating." what "the market" is, we know exactly. Only what "it" is that he regulates that nobody said us.

This is not a pladoyer dafur to introduce a planned economy according to the model of the former real existing socialism. Solely the duty to say this to avoid a discussion war already shows that the market is considered sanctuary. Criticism of the market is criticism at the existing system, which has existed for decades, the "communism" has survived and therefore already with many already a unique to change. But even the losers of this strategy often belong to the defenders of the traditional.

There is a lot to do: in berlin, the seventh family report was introduced and about the problem of "specific german life planning" to the grain

On 20. February 2003, the then minister for family, seniors, women and youth, renate schmidt, called one of those in red-green government times obligatory expert commissions. It should be under the chairmanship of the family and youth researchers hans bertram, who has a chair for microsoziology at the berlin humboldt university, fundamentally analyze the topic "future of the family" among the aspects of social change and social integration and, unlike fresh family reports – the sixth appeared in 2000, his transaction in 1994 – not primarily describe the mistakes of the past. Instead, this time, this time, the development of timebeam perspectives and political action instruments to be able to react adequately to "the new challenges of spatmoder companies".

After three years, scientists have completed their work now. The seventh family report family between flexibility and reliability was presented on yesterday in berlin, adopted by the federal cabinet and at the homepage of the federal ministry of family, seniors, women and youth by the expert commission also commented separately.

The gentech giant monsanto has to pay $ 1.5 million penalty conditions because indonesian officials were bribed

Indonesia currently has other concerns as a discussion about genetic engineering, the country is difficult to hit by the tsunami catastrophe. Nevertheless, it is interesting to read how it is trying to take effect in developing or emerging channels of biotech corporations. So monsanto high-ranking indonesian officials to be in the country "favorable climate" to create for gentech plants.

A monsanto manager tried in 2002, a high-ranking official with 50.000 US dollars to impress. In return, the author should then do without environmental contract delivery for genetically engineered cotton. But out of the deal then nothing got. And it came worse for the group. Monsanto was now sentenced to payment 1.5 million dollars in the USA because of the break of american anti-corruption laws, as BBC reports.

EU cartel procedure: BMW pays 373 million euros, suspected of exhaust gas fraud

BMW must pay a money pit of 373 million euros in the EU cartel procedure against german automakers. The manufacturer has in the discussions of the autoconzern examined by the brussels authority "too high transparency" with regard to the rough of adblue tanks and the achievable range – which is already prohibited from competition law. Original premiums of the EU commission with regard to a possible exhaust gas manipulation, she has largely dropped, shared BMW.

BMW had a decrease of 1.4 billion euros in 2019, but of which, in may of this year, it has already dissolved around one billion euros again because the commission had made certain premieges against BMW fully.

Newness of the case followed by tee

Brussel have with the procedure "antitrust" enter, monated BMW. The subject of the investigation was not price or territory agreements – but the EU commission has the bill of saturation in the calculation of the bub money "classic" artificial cartels created and the novelty of the case only takes into account by a tee. This procedure continued despite the largely dropped unprecedented bub money.

Mexico: Cartels set with explosives laden drones

Mexican drug cartels recently set drones to throw explosives on their opponents. For example, doing the powerful cartel jalisco nueva generacion (CJNG), said mexico’s defense minister luis sandoval on wednesday in the day press conference of state president andres manuel lopez obrador.

There was a corresponding incident last on tuesday in the village of el aguaje in the state of michoacan. There were two police officers been injured. In the area, a power struggle for months of criminal groups has led to strain blockages, so that the population can not be supplied with things of the basic needs.

Containers with plastic explosive

The phenomena of drones loaded with explosives is disturbing, sandoval said. However, the criminal groups had not done much damage so far as they could not load the unmanned aircraft with a proper explosive material. More detailed information he did not do.

The organization conflict armament research has examined the origin of samples from syria and iraq

With support of the US and its coalition, turkey will continue to advance the islamic state against the border town of kobane defended by the YPG. The turkish prasident erdogan realized that he will not support the kurds associated with the PKK, almost the only non-islamist group,. There is no difference between is and the PKK, he said on saturday. That the US supports the fatal policy of turkey shows the apology of the US vice-prassident bid against erdogan and the united arab emirates. He certified that they had nothing to do with the strengthening of any terrorist organizations, which he had claimed in a speech last thursday.

Meanwhile, kobane probably stands just before the case. The first IS flags have already been seen on homes. Also a strategically important hugel in front of the city seems to have been taken by the IS.

Spotify Greater Daniel EK could buy the FC Arsenal

The spotify grounder and internetmilliardar daniel EK would like to buy a fubball club: "already as a child I have jubited the FC arsenal" EK wrote a few days ago on twitter. If the club owners explain the sale, then he was throwing his hat in the ring, wrote EK on.

That was not just so doing, the spotify boss said to the US news channel CNBC: "I make the owners make a strong offer, and I hope you hate me". And further: "I mean it’s really serious. I’ve already collected the money." the supp receipt of the english top club could cost several billion euros.

The FC arsenal is currently majority of the US entrepreneur stan kroenke. The billionar responded publicly to the planned revenue offer by EK. You will not sell arsenal to no prize, said kroenke of the british daily newspaper the guardian. There were no quotes, the london fubball association said.

NATO wants to fix Trump on antirussian course

Image: weibe’s house

After the prepared qualification, the consequences of trumps of anxiety accompanied meeting with putin in favor of transatlantic unity should be minimized

Allegedly, the prepared final recognition for the NATO summit of the suddeutsche zeitung starting today is available. Thereafter, NATO members want to conform to the continuing commander of US prasident trump and implement the increase in rusts decided in 2014 to 2 percent from GDP. But trump should probably be kept in the transatlantic railways.

Privacy: First Bub money procedure for open corona contact lists

For about three months, operators of restaurants, cafes and other commercial enterprises in hamburg have to capture contact information of their guests due to the applicable corona provisions. The regulation requires that unauthorized third parties can not be aware of the data. Even after a first exhortation, not all the innkeepers take note of the specifications, so they must now expect sanctions.

Many complaints

The hamburg data protection officer johannes caspar can reach according to own information "almost daily" complaints of burgern about restaurants with open, freely accessible contact lists. Partly will also be reported by the misuse of telephone numbers for flirt news or similar private purposes. The supervisory authority therefore conducted samples in june in 100 commercial and guest institutions to control whether the data is properly raised and the conditions for protecting the privacy of those concerned are complied with. They found in one third of the case inadmissible open lists.

For post-inspections, the controllers now determined, "fortunately, the fact that the most widespread number of guest instants followed the clues to the legal situation and has successfully changed practice", caspar showed relieved on friday. In four restaurants, however, despite the preceding awareness campaign, the same displeasure had herred. Therefore, bub money procedures were initiated against the companies concerned.