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A documentary illuminates the development of horst mahler, otto schily and hans-christian strobele

In the film, "the ladence – a german history" lights birgit schulz the development of horst mahler, otto schily and hans-christian strobele. On a common photo1, which serves as a starting point to the film, the then long-bangible mahler looks like a mixture of greek philosophers and old testamenturical whimerco, the momentary schily like a mixture of dandy and western hero and the contemporary strobele as an actor of a commissioner episode.

Face recognition: European burger lawyers go against ClearView

Privacy international (PI), which of the privacy activist max schrems based organization noyb, the hermes center for transparency and digital human rights and homo digitalis have submitted a number of legal complaints against the new yorker CLEARVIEW AI. The companies specialized in automated facial recognition claims to have built up the well-known struggled biometrics database with over three billion facial images. It offers identification services approximately for security agents like the police. The complaints are sure that this practice violates european data protection laws.

Their entries have made the burger rights organizations in the privacy workers in france, austria, italy, greece and greece britain. Clearview search the internet with an automated tool and collect all the pictures that the program recognizes as human faces, it is called in it. These recordings will then run the company through their proprietary identification software and feed them into their database. Access to this sells them to companies and law enforcement behaviors around the world.

"The european data protection laws are very clear when it comes to use for what purposes companies use our data", allowed ioannis kouvakas, right expert at PI. "To extract our unique facial features or even share with the police and other companies goes far beyond what we could ever expect as online users." clearview seems to understand the internet as a completely public forum in which everything is freely available, embossed PI. Threaten such practices "the open nature of the internet and the numerous rights and freedoms to allow it".