A musivideo of joachim witt currently heats the purposes

Joachim witt, who as sanger with the song "the golden rider" was known in the 1980s, currently with the video to his new single "gloria" for restlessness.

The music video shows how performers dressed as bundeswehr soldiers rape a woman. The bundeswehr, for which the boundaries of artistic freedom were far exceeded here, is an emport. The media also react as the mirror or the star irritated.

Minister of justice zypries introduces draft new copyright novel

On thursday, federal minister of justice brigitte cypries introduced the cornerstones of the new draft official law law. Again, it became clear that there is no master plan for the knowledge regulations of the digital society. At the first basket, it won, there was no design, as only the mandatory requirements of the EU copyright directive should be implemented (code of code … And all questions open). In the second basket, the points were placed, which needed another discussion.

What was introduced, testifies to a lot of pragmatics and some arms, but of little active design will. In copyright contract law, the federal government had been behind the weaker, protection-exercised party, the authors, to secure a reasonable share from the exploitation of their works. A comparable start to the burgers whose interests are as threatened and protected, has not been given here. The design, as far as he has known, has left central questions open, chosen for other procedural solutions and left the market free hand for the grovers of the copyright scope.