Bit noise: Warrad around processors for Windows 11, CPU bugs and super calculator

Windows 11 ensures the recording fabric and as with early windows generation changes, the hardware minimum requirements are sophisticated. With the at least collective processor, microsoft creates confusion with long types of types, especially at AMD types: a ryzen 5 2500U of the generation zen is not enough, but the weaker athlon 3000g – why?

In the end, windows 11 will probably reinstall to install ancient systems and also on which without trusted platform module (TPM 2.0). In any case, it speaks that it even works with a raspberry pi 4. In addition, microsoft is with TMP 2.0 in windows 11 does not enter the end of free hardware and software. What exactly it has with the module, we have in a FAQ to TPM 2.0 sudden.

Bit noise: Warrad around processors for Windows 11, CPU bugs and super calculator

Unusual sight: windows 11 runs on a raspberry PI 4, so on the four arm processor cores of the broadcom BCM2711.

Tesla can not continue to develop factory at Berlin as planned

The construction work of US electric autobauer tesla for its factory in grunheide near berlin are currently not as planned. The reason is a lack of approval of the landesumweltamt brandenburg for the application for early at all of the assembly of a part of the paint shop and the clearing of 93 hectares forest. The brandenburg state government, however, is currently no danger for the schedule.

The examination of the sixth application for premature start of construction as well as the proceedings for the remuneration approval under the federal immission protection act, said the spokeswoman of the ministry of the environment, frauke tent, on friday. "There is nothing tight." the application was discussed before the hearing of critics in september. However, the findings from this erister should be considered for this. From well-informed circles also bothered, the schedule see a production start in early july 2021.

"The country needs the statutes for the final authorization under the federal immission protection act", said burgermeister arne christiani (partilos) of the german press agency. He expects it, "the schedule is realistic". The development plan is among other things about strain expansion.

Too high CO2 values: Porsche threatens back call

Porsche threatens the jerk of thousands of his vehicles. In connection with possible manipulations on the hardware and software of some aging vehicle models, the motorfahrtamtamt (KBA) according to DPA information has meanwhile initiated a formal training procedure against the manufacturer. The KBA and also porsche confirmed on request, in each case, that a process run, both sides but not too details. In the result, ultimately a jerk of the affected vehicles could be arranged.

KBA investigations for mutually incorrect consumption statements for certain porsche vehicles have been holding the hearings for months. Porsche had communicated in august 2020, you have internal exams "subjects" discovered and these reported to the resist. Affect these topics "specific hardware and software components used in typing quantities" have been. According to business insider if the amount of the KBA has occurred in the meantime, the CO2 emissions on the test role were much high in certain models than the manufacturer for the type approvals had indicated.

Porsche explained, concerned "few models" and a "very small stuck". The proportion of relevant vehicles is less than one percent of the porsche fleet. Also give it too "none of these vehicles" so far a mortal decision. "The process is in a fresh stage of appeal."

High risk factor: bad diet

After a global study, life expectancy rises worldwide, but the gap between countries can be more than 30 years

After the bill melinda gates foundation financed study global burden of disease (GBD) of the institute of health metrics and evaluation at the university of washington appeared in the magazine the lancet and evaluates data globally from any country is the death of 18.8 percent of worldwide death enclosure associated with false diet. People die for early because they take too little whole grain, fruity, nausse, seeds and fisholes and too much salt. As always, the study can only determine correlations, but do not capture causality.

After smoking, false or unilateral diet is the second highest cause of death when it comes to risks through behavior or environmental conditions. Other risk factors such as high blood sugar, high blood prere, too much cholesterol or overweight can be associated with diet. According to the study, the problem is by no means only associated with the epidemic of obesity, but already with the type of food, so also with what is being invested by the food industry. To eat too few fruits, so the study authors opposite the guardian. The problem is not to eat too much red meat, but rather to take too little whole grain to. Heart diseases are still cause of death number 1.

The pose of the protest - laizism as a symbol of strengthening

India gate – an indian monument disappears in the smog of the capital. Image: christian hobbie (2019)

India and turkey were long as a parade examples of the laizist state doktrin. But the religious nationalism of the current autocrats is sudden and stalls on old misunderstandings.

The political observers of asia recognize the pregnant parallels of the turkish and indian backlog progressive democracies and their caught. The misunderstandings of the west are already reflected in the perception of the orient as a political space.

A question of the definition power

During the media controlled openness since the 11. September the US and the middle east focuses, world political escalation also affects very different regions and conflicts that are rather marginal in the west. For example, in latin america, human rights activists, social movements and dissocessors of neoliberalism have been confronted since the latest quickly with a lump-sum terrorism. A closer look to colombia, ecuador and mexico, however, raises the question of whether it is not the existing order to be maintained with terrorist funds.

"That’s what the city is always recognizable, where you remember when you have forgotten the skin mushroom and the heat for a long time, the flames, the fire over the refinery, the troubled ziers in orange, yellow and blue high over the roof. The oil fighters appear far from the four- or funfstocky hotels in the center, the drilling tower, tanks and militar versions to be seen at the incident. … The village that seems to insist only from plug-in barracks is in the semi-darkness, despite its allegedly 400,000 inhabitants and the large refinery in the country. In many neighborhoods no electricity because the power plant is too small or undergone or the line is broken again. … The bus rocks restless. You can see the swinging glowing pears of billiardsalons, the dark, sweethearing skin of passers-by, the small powers in front of the pubs, the cantinas, and spurt, that this one encounter st, a nervous together, the return of a passion you just do not get started. This city is barrancabermeyja."

All just borrowed: renault latitude on the road

Cascais (portugal), 15. November 2010 – when renault ventured into upscale segments, it often came up with extravagant designs like the vel satis or avantime. And even models like the 30 or 25 seemed at least in germany verhaltnismabig original. The french never really had much success with it in this country, but owners at least bought into the feeling of owning a pleasantly different car. Renault’s latest "strike", the latitude, seems to be the antithesis of the above-mentioned processes. Whether this promises more success, we have experienced.

Biedermann from korea

Our first impression of the 4.90-meter sedan: the latitude presents itself very inconspicuous, underlined by the only colors available in this country, a black and a gray metallic. The latitude was built in south korea by samsung, where it also comes off the production line as the samsung SM5. Because the french have an 80 percent stake in renault samsung motors. The visual differences are limited to more chrome on the renault. This saves development costs, especially since the latitude is designed as a global car that should also find friends in the USA or russia.

In search of comfort

Ow much can be said about the exterior, but what about the interior?? After listening to the tinny sounding door, I try to settle into the driver’s seat. Easier said than done: with a body size of 1.87 meters it was not possible for me to find a comfortable seating position. The steering wheel is not adjustable high enough, and the seat’s leg rest is much too short. As a small consolation, the leather-covered driver’s seat offers a massage option in addition to the electric adjustment with memory function. In the rear, there is enough space for head and legs, but the upholstery offers too little lateral support. The comparison with the facelifted laguna, which was available at the same time, is interesting: here, the jerk bankers enjoyed more legroom despite 20 centimeters less length. In the luggage compartment of the latitude fit ubrigens 511 liters. A respectable value, which can be extended by folding down the backrests.

Nissan gt-r with small facelift

Bruhl, 19. October 2010 – with a small facelift, nissan wants to keep the sports car GT-R currently. Three years after his idea were easily handled on the japanese coupe suspension, interior and engine.

More efficient

The performance of the biturbo V6 rose from 485 to 530 hp at 6400 rpm. Also the maximum torque rose from 588 to 612 nm in the range of 3200 to 6000 rpm. A new catalyst and other engine control electronics ensure that the GT-R complies with US sulev exhaust standards. By changing boost prere and valve timing, the consumption of consumption has been lowered, but the values measured by the european standard is missing. So far, the GT-R 12.4 l / 100 km used – a similarly strong porsche 911 turbo comes with 11.6 l / 100 km.

Improved chassis

For lower consumption, a new SAVE mode of the six-stage dual-clutch transmission is also to contribute, which optimizes the switching behavior on long motorway taps. The spring rates, stobbers and stabilizers on the front axle were also modified, also the caster angle was increased, which the traction should increase. Thus, however, a somewhat steering steering is synonymous normally. The lowering of the rolling center on the rear axle should also, says nissan, "to increase the traction in curves and to give the driver a direct driving vessel ". However, a traction problem was rarely allowed to have the sports car, despite its high performance, because with too little grip on the rear axle, the front wheels are switched on. Especially since with the transaxle construction anyway more weight than ual on the rear axle, which the traction continues to improve.

XGimi Horizon Pro: 4K projector with Android TV

So far, xgimi tried to be more tried to portable minemers – the now presented beamer horizon and horizon pro should also make coarse rooms to the home theater. 4K resolution is reserved for the pro model, otherwise the devices are almost identical. Sales start in germany is the 10. May, prices start at 1100 euros.

Thus, the entry-level model with fullhd resolution in the same league as the short-prescribed xiaomi mi smart projector 2 pro, but is significantly lighter than its xiaomi counterpart (3.7 kilograms) and should with up to 2200 ANSI lumens (xiaomi 1300 ANSI lumens) achieve a high maximum brightness. So that the xgimi projector is also suitable as a daylight developer. Both horizon models run with android TV 10.0 and should throw a maximum of 300 inches rough picture to the wall.

Harman kardon sound

Thanks to built-in harman kardon speakers, horizon and horizon pro are not dependent on external playback devices. These can be alternatively via bluetooth (4.0) or connect jack cable. The horizon uber dual band WLAN, two HDMI inputs, have a USB-2.0- and a USB-3.0- and a LAN port.

Autonomous take responsibility

After a message from hanover’s broadcasting station hitradio antenna, an autonomous group refused an arson attack on the car of the expo-representative hans-jurgen binek in berlin during the night of sunday. In a confess letter to DPA, a group called for the name "autonomous militia" the responsibility. Was injured in the action nobody.

Already yesterday, DPA reported that the preamble protection of militant autonomous to the world’s fair. It emphasized that the expo is always stronger "in the field of vision of violent linksextremists" jerk. In an embossing report report, it should be reported that different blatters of the autonomous scene call for violence such as cast or sabotage against the expo. The confession group "autonomous militia" in this context, the opinion represents that the expo man and nature yield.