New jeep compass debuted in detroit

Auburn hills (michigan / USA), 15. December 2010 – the new jeep compass gives his official debut on the detroit motor show (15. To 23. January 2011). According to the chrysler group brand, body and interior, but also the chassis and the powertrain were undertaken primarily. Among other things, the compass is now optional with a technical package for medium-heavy countries.

Square but more felly

The habitual expression of the process, which combined a view from round headlamps à la twingo with a beard whale-like grin, is a fit: now the headlights are angular, the bonnet was grounded and carries a wide powerdome in the middle. The car now optically follows the grand cherokee and thus the top model of the brand. The rectangular front lights should also be good for better illumination of the environment, as well as the new fog lights. To protect against rockfall, the new compass is provided in the lower area with a all-rounder. On the roof the new, elegant to the sheet of tapping railing. Standard mabig, the compass rolls on 17 inch alloy wheels, for the highest equipment called limited there are 18-ZOLLER.

Inside fine

The interior designers have the compass now softer and higher-quality surfaces, promises jeep. There is also a new multifunction steering wheel and a new center armrest. Among other things, an ipod connection, a radio, with which one can connect in north america the satellite-based sirius offer with dozens of programs, nine speakers, a navigation system and an electric glass sunroof and illuminated drink holder.

To delight more people for cycling, the country baden-wurttemberg examines the construction of fast strap for two-riders. "Today it is by no means a rarity to drive 10 to 15 kilometers to work with the bike. Of course, the infrastructure must be correct, "said the" bicycle manager "in the regional traffic ministry baden-wurttemberg, volkhard malik, on wednesday in karlsruhe. There, nearly 180 representatives of german municipalities met in order to exchange views on the concept of cycling. Fast straws, which do with a few gradients and traffic lights, is especially available in the netherlands.

According to malik, the share of cycling in baden wurttemberg by 2015 will be increased from now 8 to 16 percent. In 2020, a share of 20 percent would be sought. A basis for dafur offers a new law, which will be allowed from 2011 the financial requirement of domestic bike paths. "This was not possible so far," said malik. The country was only able to support the construction of cycle paths in parallel with state or federal hubs. For example, about 20 million euros were provided for this purpose.

In order to expand the cycling, the municipalities had to say goodbye by an old regulation, said the radexperte of the city of karlsruhe, michael obert: "fruher was disconnected from the motorized traffic from the non-motorized. Thus, fubganger and cyclists had to share the burger."That has always made problems. The cyclists are now so fast on the road that they belonged to the strain. In the best case strips could be reserved for you. In karlsruhe there are already two special cycles.

Radend verona and peter on the bands, but of any content is not the speech

With another 70 million advertising campaign, the expo wants to meet the previous visitor’s fleaways. Becoming with verona feldbusch and peter ustinov free after the motto: "that gives us only once – that does not come back". But the currently prefabricated klaamk, hopefully, does not challenge any imitators to the race on the expo country.

The expo recorded around 100 at the weekend.000 to 120.000 visitors on the landing of the world exhibition. So many expo visitors have not yet been paid on a weekend. Nevertheless, you still lag the expectations behind, and to counteract the previous visitor’s fleaness, now a roughly created advertising campaign with 3.000 TV commercials started, which are to be broadcast in the next nine weeks. The expo supervisory board approved another 70 million DM in early july.

Mon Dieu, the cold vaccinity

Now france, soon germany: because the state does not manage to convince the burgers from immunization, is set to indirect prere. That’s dishonest. A comment

The view to france is worth this day to get an impression of what’s in germany as well as other parts of europe and the world. With the "passe sanitaire", the health pass, prasident emmanuel macron de facto imports a vaccination requirement.

Not by law or only qua regulation, but indirect, through the backtime; not in hot disputes, but cold and without further debate.

Jetbrains has traditionally opened the update round of development environments with webstorm. The now published version 2021.2 updates among other things beyond the live edit mode when saving the preview in the browser. In addition, the actions are now summarized at one place before the IDE before saving. Documentation in JSDOC can recently contain typescript type information, and the automatic imports go beyond those for ES6.

Actionism when saving

Webstorm has been a web server on board for a long time, which allows the preview of HTML files to any browser. Open in browser suitable page automatically when developers or developers store the associated HTML, CSS or javascript content. The procedure strikes the live edit function, which is described on chrome and the debug mode.

The view preferences / settings | tools | actions on save bundelt now all actions that want to automatically perform webstorm when saving files. In addition to the functions already existing in old releases such as the exports of the code formatting tool prettier, among other things, imports can be optimized or formatting the code.

Coarse police facility and a split peace movement

Next weekend, the all-year-old conference for security policy takes place again in munchen. In contrast to the last year (liberalitas bavariae on vacation) was previously conducted by the behavior this time no demonstration ban – although bavaria’s interior minister beckstein expects it to "rioting" and "wedding excesses" comes. The protesters do not restrain themselves to pure criticism, but put the "security conference" A constructive forum that "peace conference", opposite.

Although hardly to be viewed, why this year from another "threat" should be amed, the responsible persons spent back to a re-demonstration ban back. For example, oberburgermeister ude had already announced the last-year-old bill of association, such a ban must remain the exception. The general anti-war mood was also allowed to support this decision as a ban on pacifist demonstrations was currently not a good picture.

Are personal documents false-proof?

Image: public domain

Are personal documents made of plastic safer as such made of paper? Which are better protected against falsification and which can be checked safe?

This summer made a message from baden-wurttemberg the round, after which more and more false identity papers were discovered in the sudwest. After 1.600 fall in 2014, it was 2015 1.800 and 2016 already 2250, uber the landeskriminamt baden-wurttemberg reported. There is a preserved identity card from 300 euros and a passport for up to 4.000 EURO.

UK: Dispute over Plan B for Northern Ireland

Graphic: TP

London wants to assign the regions former EU competences but at the same time ensure that they were accepted from other parts of the united konigreich

Yesterday, the british government submitted a bill for an internal markets bill, who should grab when the consolation during the up to 31. December current transitional period does not agree on a partnership agreement with the EU. This internal market law transferers competencies on energy efficiency of buildings, air qualitat, animal welfare and a number of other statements that are so far at the EU, on the four british lands england, scotland, wales and northern ireland.

After being rebuffed by the world governing body, ferrari has finally given up its opposition to sebastian vettel’s formula 1 title. The team of world championship runner-up fernando alonso decided on friday not to protest against a disputed overtaking maneuver by the world champion and declared "the case closed. Earlier, the international automobile federation had responded to a letter from the scuderia clearing vettel of any wrongdoing.

Formula one boss bernie ecclestone sharply criticized ferrari for the indirect attack on the triple champion. "This kind of thing just doesn’t suit ferrari," ecclestone criticized a bad style of the traditional italian team in the british telegraph. The 82-year-old announced he would take ferrari president luca di montezemolo to task. The scuderia defended itself in its terse statement by saying that the video images of vettel’s manover against frenchman jean-eric vergne only emerged a few days after the decisive race in sao paulo. Some of the shots seem to show that the red bull driver overtook illegally under a yellow flag. "We have received tens of thousands of requests about this from all over the world," ferrari wrote. In the interests of all formula one fans, it said it felt compelled to ask the FIA for a review.

"The letter to the FIA was in no way intended to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the race result," ferrari affirmed. But the impression was different. To more than a few, the scuderia looked like a sore loser. Alonso quickly came under suspicion of having urged the team to write the letter. In the end, the spaniard would have become world champion after all if vettel had been penalized afterwards. The FIA finally dashed those hopes on friday with an official statement. "The uberholmanover does not constitute a breach of the rules, so there is no need to investigate for an offense," the association announced. Ferrari has also received this response. Already the day before, race director charlie whiting had let it be known that a track marshal had waved a green flag in front of vettel’s manover, signaling free passage. "Vettel reacted to the flag and did everything right," whiting said.

The case hirsi ali, the dutch "iron lady" and the circumstances that lead to the second fall of the government bar ends with early resurrection

On the 11th. May 2006, the state subsidized dutch television program zembla sent a report on ayaan hirsi ali’s information in its asylum demand anno 1992. The broadcast became an occasion to the second fall of a government under the dutch prime minister balkenende within four years, leading to the 7. July 2006 for the formation of the third cabinet’s barking end and to her new elections on 22. November 2006.

Jan peter barkeeper