The danger conflict cashmere is all

Gilgit-baltstan, where the solution of the conflict between india and pakistan could lie. Photo: gilbert colonko

In the crisis between the nuclear becomes india and pakistan, as for 71 years, it is all about the bergregion kashmir

Actually, everything seemed to go out as expected. The indian prime minister narendra modi had his "militar" in pakistani balacot and could have been asserted by his army, to have told 350 camphor of the jaish-e-mohammed (jem).

The mafiose war concomtion on the balkan has survived the wars whopping

Two weeks after the murder of the serbian prime minister zoran djindjic (shock condition in serbia), the background of the assassination seems to clarify. On tuesday, the DJINDJIC successor zoran zivkovic certainly could present the two muteaffective tatters. These are the 38-year zvezdan jovanovic and its 32-year complicity sasa pejakovic. This seems to be confirmed directly after the assassination of the assessments. The murder of djindjic was planned from the center of the mafia-woven state security apparatus and executed.

Jovanovic is not an order killer but vice commands that are subject to the ministry of interior unity for special operations (JSO), in which pejakovic serves. Also under the name red beret well-known troupe is payable to the most chunky special units that the serbian state apparatus has to offer and is directly linked to the mafia. The long-term invitator of the 2001 red beret, milorad lukovic alias legija, is the boss of the zemun clan, a mafia bande that controls a coarse part of the drug trade in the balkans. There are numerous JSO members with them. As a careful wire of the assassination is legija with a number of other ZEMUN clan members still uneven.

The planned takeover of the swedish car manufacturer saab by the small dutch sports car manufacturer spyker has taken important hurdles. After the european investment bank (EIB) approved a loan of over. When the swedish government approved a 400-million-euro loan in luxembourg on february 1, it immediately agreed to provide a guarantee for the same amount. In zeewolde, the netherlands, spyker shareholders simultaneously agreed to the terms of sale negotiated with general motors (GM) as the previous owner.

The only thing left for the takeover is the signing of the takeover agreement with GM, it was announced in stockholm. Sweden’s minister of economic affairs, maud olofsson, said on the radio that she is "delighted with the successful completion of a very long journey".

Until recently, the financing of the takeover by spyker boss and majority owner victor muller was considered questionable. Olofsson asked muller on the radio to name further unknown financiers of the takeover. According to media reports, the swedish secret service sapo had vetoed the sale of saab, which had already been decided, because it had identified the russian financial group antonov, which is accused of links to organized crime, as one of the financiers.

What's on the Russian challenged to the IS-OL smuggling via Turkey?

Alleged tanker with IS-OL in syria. Image: tvzvezda.Ru

Putin explains, the launch of the SU 24 should protect OL smuggling route. A son of erdogan is allegedly involved in illegal OL managers

Strong words from the turkish president recep tayyip erdogan yesterday on the edge of the climate summit in paris: he will resume when prefers evidence that the turkey OL of the terrorists of is buying, he announced.

Hubble telescope discovers earth-close exoplanets and finds in its atmosphere indications of biological activity

On the two days ago in washington D.C (USA) ended gross astrobiology conference "abscicon 2006" the rumor already for coarseness. Like the renowned science magazine "nature" in the online offshoot "nature.COM / news "in the meantime, carefully enhanced and a well-known exobiologist in a telephone call with telepolis, the space telescope hubble should be a scientifically significant astrobiological discovery facilitated. It discovered a nearby extra-solar planet, where there are traces of biological life. The NASA transfers today’s press conference, which in the ronald reagan building of the international trade center, atrium hall cloak room (washington, D.C.) before selected journalists is held at 20.00 clock mez live.

Hand on heart – is not amazing that in the period between the greek antiquity and the year 1917, the year of the october revolution and the year of the united states in the first world war, to the sujet "life in all" estimated 140 books were written. At least the worldwide planet researcher geoffrey W. Marcy weub to win this development.

Mazda 6 combi: erlzonig on secret test travel

Hair, 13. July 2012 – since 2002, mazda 6 is on the market as a heritage of the very successful mazda 626 and has developed into a crowd pleaser during this time. Now the latest generation stands before the start. It is said to score with a sleek design. This also applies to the station wagon, which our photographer has now caught as an explanatory.

Study as a model

Optical model for the new edition of the mazda 6 is the limousine study takeri, which was shown in tokyo at the end of 2011. The series execution should hardly deviate from it, but the combination of the combination is particularly at the front a family at the SUV CX-5. Also from the tubs, mazda is oriented to takeri, this is 4.85 meters long and has a wheelbase of 2.89 meters. This promises good space differences for passengers and luggage.

Unusual motors

Under the dynamic sheet, mazda relies on the so-called skyactiv technology. Behind it hide gasoline and diesel, both of which work with a compaction of 14: 1. For a gasoline engine, this value is very high, for the self-condition, on the other hand, unusual low. At the gasoline, mazda also renounces a turbocharger. At the start, the japanese offer a two-liter gasoline engine with 165 hp and two diesel with 150 or 175 hp. Both self-cunning can be combined with a six-stage automatic. Something later still occurs entry-level motorcycles with 120 hp (gasoline engine) and 129 hp (diesel). For further technical highlights, the I-ELOOP system, which stores braking energy in capacitors.