Two billion euros: Germany demands quantum computers'made in germany''made in germany'

In the international race for the technology of the future, the federal government has released a total of two billion euros for the development of quantum computers. 1.1 billion euro awards the federal research department, 878 million euros from the budget of the federal ministry of economics. The aim is to build a competitive quantum computer within the next five years in germany and creating a corresponding okosystem with potential users, said federal research minister anja karliczek (CDU) on tuesday in berlin.

"The quantum technologies are one of the decisive final technologies of the future", said karliczek. "You will allow us to make our communication absolutely safely, with highly sensitive sensors to make tuning in medical technology or to prevent quantum computing previously not soluble problems in logistics or material research."

The concept of quantum computers reacts research and industry to the fact that the previously full development of high-performance computers stabs their physical limits. A quantum computer does not store information in the form of bits that can only take two possible materials, namely one or zero, but in the form of qubits.

The learning Bauhaus

Kurt schwerdtfeger: reflector color light games; light performance, 1922. Picture / reconstruction: courtesy of microscope gallery and kurt schwerdtfeger estate © 2016

Indigenous art helped the bauhaus to discover its modernity

374 years after his time the portuguese archbishop sardinha was still not digested. In 1554, the brazilian tupi indians had incorporated him. That was the occasion to call oswald de andrades in 1928, to finish the cannibalism as a friendly nude. In his "anthropophagic manifesto" he turned around the moral write-ups. The incorporation is annihilation to make something of its own. The bishop had to believe in it because he was representative of the european culture, the raw material of a renewal.

Samsung builds investments in chip technology

The sudkorean electronics giant samsung wants to increase its billions of investment in chip technology in view of the global semiconductor scarfity. By 2030, 171 trillion WON (about 125 billion euros) should be invested in the business with modern chip processors and contract manufacturing (foundry), as the world’s largest manufacturer of memory chips on thursday announced. This should accelerate research in the field of processor technology and the construction of new production facilities. Samsung was originally inquired in april 2019 investments of 133 trillion WON.

Samsung electronics has set itself the goal of expanding its market fuference for storage chips, which are used in smartphones, also on so-called logic chips until the end of this decade. For this purpose, samsung has worked together with various semiconductor design companies, part manufacturers and derogers in the past two years, as well as research institutions, threw it.

In addition, the company started with the construction of a new production line in its manufacturing complex in the city of pyeongtaek, which is about 65 kilometers. The system should be completed in the second half 2022. Other rough chip companies such as the industry prime intel in the US and TSMC in taiwan want to significantly expand their capacity with additional billion investments. The scarcity was also drawn from the skulfully increased demand for technology such as notebooks in the corona pandemic.

Many motorists do not come clearly with the operation of modern cars. According to a nationwide survey of the expert organization DEKRA, about 77 percent of all motorists have difficulties with the operation above all the electronic devices. 40 percent of respondents who can distract too much technology when driving driving. The survey coinces with the findings of the DEKRA traffic safety report 2012, which on the 29. Marz 2012 parliamentarians is presented in berlin.

The DEKRA survey also gave that most motorists (78 percent) from the advantages of technical progress in the car – easier driving, security and comfort – are quite convinced. A quarter of respondents (27 percent) indicated that modern technology has already preserved them in dangerous situations or in an accident before worse.

Ratsel gives the car riders of ofter the operation of the navi systems, which are now used by 74 percent of the drivers. After all, 12 percent of users designate the operation of the equipment as difficult. It is not better in the multifunction lever, with which 13 percent does not come clear. With the telephone and audio system, 11 percent.

Old swede: 50 years of volvo in germany

Ulm, 22. July 2008 – volvo comes from latin and means "I roll," a fitting name for a car manufacturer – especially since the swedes’ first model, the ov4, covered just 90 kilometers. It is all the more surprising that the meaningful name actually had a completely different origin: assar gabrielsson, who together with gustaf larson is said to have forged the plan for an automobile company at a crab dinner, had acquired the dormant subsidiary AB volvo from his former employer, the ball bearing factory SKF, and established it as the company name. In april 1927, the company’s first mass-produced passenger car rolled off the production line.

Curious after koln

It was not until 1958 that volvo came to germany and moved into its first plant in frankfurt. In 1965, the company moved to dietzenbach in hesse, and in 1994, under curious circumstances, to bruhl near koln. At that time they wanted to be close to the possible merger partner renault (which is still located in bruhl today), but this merger did not happen. As a result, volvo did not move back to hesse, but settled in the southern district of koln, rodenkirchen. In 1999, this choice of location proved to be quite practical when ford took over the swedish automaker. Since then, many volvo models have been and continue to be equipped with ford technology, such as the V40.

Back to the volvo brand, which of course also includes the appropriate logo. Since swedish steel was one of the basic components of the vehicle, it made sense to use the common symbol for iron, which is also the symbol for the planet mars. The only problem was attaching the small symbol to the radiator, so it was fitted with a diagonal support for the actual emblem. The prominent diagonal volvo stripe was therefore not created as an ornament but as a fastening element.

Freshly refreshed: jeep grand cherokee

Detroit (USA), 22. January 2013 – the grand cherokee already belongs to the classics in the jeep program, there is the rough SUV not so long – namely for 20 years. The fourth generation is not even three years in the market, the chrysler subsidiary is at the north american international auto show in detroit (19. To 27. January 2013) already a generally superior variant. Auber some optical retouches sting as innovations above all an eight-speed automatic and a diesel variant for the USA.

New three-liter diesel

Diesel engines are still considered exotic in north america and are not offered for many vehicles. That the grand cherokee is obtained such, is therefore a small surprise. In europe, the current model, however, already with self scale. In the US version comes a three-liter V6 diesel with 243 hp and 569 nm torque used. The power transmission takes place via an eight-speed automatic. All other motorizations are also coupled to the new gearbox. Furthermore, the 3,6-liter pentstar-V6 and the 5.7-liter V8, which should work both more economically than before. All engine variants are in the future with one "eco mode" outlined. At the push of a button, various fuel-saving measures are initiated here. For this, a changed shift characteristic and the eight-cylinder models pay a temporary cylinder shutdown.

Changes in front and rear

From augen, the relevant grand cherokee is to be recognized mainly at the redesigned front part. The skill grill with seven slots is now a bit narrower, even the headlights are now drawn dunner. Auber the front was also modified the rear evil. The jerk lights fall altogether than before and now always work with LED technology. The interior was also handled. So in the newly designed center console now finds a multifunction monitor with 8.4 inch diameter space. In addition, some switches and controls have been modernized. The new three-spoke steering wheel offers series-mabig shift paddles.

The knowledge gap between young and old in the computer area and its tragicomic effects

Actually, there are no old ones. Where you can see, the old ones have been replaced by a class still more agile, still economically (and sexually) potent, still knowledge- and hundred people beyond the 60 who have randomly gray hair – not because they prescribe the nature so but because they allow it in ripened sovereignty. The trained, handsome, privately strugged pensioners, who brings us the advertising, are not "old", her own grandchildren were never with these winners "granny" or "grandpa" crying, but only with the first name. Even the ads for incontinence reindoos and stairlifts show people who do not actually have such a harmony and only make use of it for the spab.

The reality looks different as always. Nowhere is that clearer than when dealing with computers of all kinds. Who handed today with computers and is between 25 and 35, often makes the experience that parents relocate to computers and the internet as if to show the younger generation again where the hammer hangs. If it is not about being demonstrated that old author entitatables are to be demonstrated, then to the blobe fear to get completely on the siding and no longer can have a say. The real conflict is that the computerized elderly rely on the starting help of their computer literates, adult children, which sometimes results in a peculiar reversal of the parent-child ratio.

AMD Ryzen 4000g starts: Eight CPU cores and rink Vega-GPU for desktop PCs

AMD brings the ZEN-2 combination processors installed in notebooks with code name renoir in desktop pcs. The ryzen 4000G models also appear with up to eight CPU cores and a VEGA graphics unit that uses 512 shader cores in full expansion. Chip post-ready TSMC manufactures the combined processors with 7 nanometer structures. They fit in motherboards with the CPU catch AM4, for example with B550 chipset.

The ryzen 7 4700g (8 cores, 512 shaders), ryzen 5 4600g (6 cores, 448 shaders) and ryzen 3 4300g (4 cores, 384 shaders) reach the highest clock frequencies at a thermal design power (TDP) of 65 watts the 4000g family. The top model for example has a maximum CPU boost of 4.4 ghz and can accelerate its GPU to 2100 mhz – compared to other graphics units and chips a high stroke. The GE versions fall due to a restriction on 35 watts (TDP) up to 500 mhz slower.

Of all six combi processors, the chip manufacturer also creates pro versions with a complete RAM capture ("memory guard"), extended (availability) warranty and support for "classic" remote maintenance. Non-pro models can be remotely available on the endpoint manager of microsoft 365 (fruher office 365). The basic specifications are identical so that the ryzen 7 per 4750g corresponds, for example, to the ryzen 7 4700g and the ryzen 5 per 4650g of the ryzen 5 4600g.

The new military doctrine of the crowd is from a possible war for the natural resources

Gladly is spoken by potential wars around the water that threatened in the future. The scene is usually called the near or middle east. But a war around the water was also able to break out in the water-rich sudamerica, in which one of the world’s largest natural subassemblies is. The militars fired in argentina and prepare for an armed conflict around the "natural ressources" before. In the war water, they see the main danger for the country for the future, which is why the crowds are focused on a new military doktrin that falls in a guerrilla war against a supposed invasor.

Already in 1985, the former UN general secretar boutros boutros ghali spoke of the possibility that wares soon could be carried around water. For some years, the question always appears ooper. Concrete preparations for this are now made in a region, which was hardly expected because of its rough subwater reserves. Since 2005, the rough argentine daily clarin asks if a foreign power could make the water reserves martially the country.

Collective artificial intelligence for the US militar

The "department of advanced defense projects" the ministry of defense has laid the foundation of today’s internet over 30 years ago. Now she works on projects, the foundation for a collective – artificial – intelligence.

As appreciative, the future prognosis of an organization, which develops something like electric dog sinks to trace mines? In the case of DARPA pretty. The defense advanced research projects agency was founded in 1958 by the US department of defense, when the soviet union demonstrated her technical superiority with the start of the sputnik satellite. The task of DARPA is to demand projects that are so futuristic that they do not necessarily act basic. "If someone suggests something that is clearly to realize, the DARPA does not interest", a scientist described the approach.