Altmaier: digitization to revitalize downtown stores

German economics minister peter altmaier wants to prevent bankruptcies of smaller stores in inner cities in the corona crisis. "We must develop concepts to revitalize the inner cities", said the CDU politician to the deutsche presse-agentur. "We want to prevent the death of shops in city centers." he is focusing above all on digitization to strengthen individual retailers and make shopping and spending time in the city centers more attractive for customers.

"It’s not so much a matter of handing out more and more money, but of making the city centers more attractive", said altmaier, referring to calls to ie consumer vouchers. The reduction in value-added tax by the end of the year is having an effect, according to his observations, and is contributing to the fact that above all investments in high-value consumer goods are being brought forward.

City as "experience"

Since the corona pandemic, many more transactions have been made online, altmaier said. He also wants smaller shops to participate more in this trend: "we need to help downtown shopkeepers digitize their customer relationships in a way that benefits fashion stores and shoe stores as well", he said. "For example, if a customer wants to order a branded shirt online, they should not necessarily have to do so from the manufacturer, but should have the option to buy online at the same price from the retailer of their choice."

Tesla is said to receive the approximately 300 hectare of rough bands for his planned factory in grunheide in brandenburg for just under 41 million euros. This is about information of the dpa from wednesday (8. January 2020) from a template for the landtag budget committee. The purchase price corresponds approximately € 13.50 per square meter, in the adjacent business park freienbrink, however, the benchmark is 40 euros per square meter, in the europarc threelinden according to land at 310 euros. There is the grandfather but already opened. An opinion on the basic sugar value is still out.

First only part use planned

Tesla wants east of berlin up to 500.000 model 3 and Y vehicles as well as conceptual models in the year build. The start of production is intended for july 2021, as shown in the report of the newly concentrated tesla manufacturing brandenburg to the environmental contract. The bands that tesla wants to buy is exactly 304 hectares. It is located in a forest area. In the first construction stage, first planned to use only 152 hectares.

In december 2019, the red-black-grune state government and tesla had agreed according to the state government over the purchase. According to government, the tesla board wants to decide until mid-january 2020, whether he approves the contract. The budget committee of the landtag berat already on this thursday (9. January 2020) about the consent. He can, even if the contract is not yet signed.

Virtualizer Parallels comes as a beta on arm Macs

For macs with apple silicon, a first commercial virtualization software has been published: parallels offers interested users a technical preview of parallels desktop 16 to the test and thus allows the use of virtual machines to the new arm macs. This will also make it possible to operate windows 10 in a virtual machine – but only in the arm export, which offers microsoft over its insider program for download.

Several restrictions, partly lasting

Parallels new virtualization engine has several restrictions on how the manufacturer informed against beta testers. Some are to be closed as part of the further development, but others are on "fundamental technical restrictions just related to the intel X86 platform" influence. For this purpose, it was possible that it is in parallels on macs with apple silicon impamentially, X86-based operating systems in a virtual machine – for virtualization is a windows-based operating system for the ARM architecture as image (VHDX or ISO) required. Also arm32 apps do not work, notes parallels.

Currently, it is not possible to accept virtual machines and continue later, users have to shut down these. That was allowed to obey the restrictions that are resolved in the further course. Interested users can "parallels desktop 16 for M1 mac technical preview" refer to the manufacturer’s website.

Secure video conferencing: new security features for Bluejeans

FUF new security features add bluejeans to his cloud application for video conferencing. On the one hand, talking with a one-time password, the invited participant received by e-mail or over your account at the provider. This also works for guests – but is a purely company-internal meeting, it will take you to a specific group like a department of the company.

In addition, each conference gets a waiting room. From him the moderator can allow or reject user. If all the desired participants are present, a conversation can be locked with a click – from now no more people can hurrow. The organizer can specify beyond who can share his screen. New is also the in-transit closure of all contents with the AES-256 standard.

Further innovations for users

In addition to these security features, bluejeans also expanded the meetings themselves: users can use responses – for example, writing, clapping or consent -. Also, the conference can be placed as a solid floating window over another active application.

Monitoring: Grafana 8.0 is alarming informative

As part of the grafanaconline, grafana labs published a new major release of its visualization and monitoring tools. Grafana 8.0 waits with a number of innovations, including a comprehensive transformed alerting system, advanced visualization options, multiple usable library panels as well as detailed configurable access control. That in version 7.4 first of all as preview streaming in real time offers additional functions for iot and IIOT application trap after the current update.

More information and more control

What started in the style of prometheus interface for alarm messages in grafana cloud stands, users and users of grafana 8.0 now with the new alerting system in full available. Thus, the grafana team is coming from the community. Alarm messages from prometheus and grafana can now be viewed and edited via a shared interface, so that overlooking alerting rules can also be managed for all data sources – including the monitoring tool cortex and the logging tool loki. In addition, a new comprehensive API is ready. Alarm messages are now decoupled from the dashboards, and grafana users can use multi-dimensional alarms and set up notification guidelines for managing coarse quantities of messages.

Monitoring: Grafana 8.0 is alarming informative

The new alerting system offers more options for notification rules.

Young rebels have a hard time in the current generation. What should they shock their parents with? Punk? Gahn. The parents did it themselves, just like most of the other things that are celebrated in pop culture as youthful rebellion. Promiscuous sex life, dangerous silliness, psychoactive substances, motorcycling, these are all old people’s activities. When a fussy child comes into the kitchen today, dressed only in a gauze sack and a few safety pins, to announce that he or she is getting out of the window system and will be begging in front of the department store starting this afternoon, trances of dread gather in the eyes of parents. The child point. How we used to. But did everything right!

Kraftklub has summarized the problem circle in "too young (to rock ‘n’ roll)":

Our parents smoke weed more than we do, how to rebel? No matter where we go, our parents were here before us. We were born in the wrong decade, and we’re sitting by the fire, listening to what the old folks are saying.

Despite increasing the risk of origin, the next year in the US, the first shopping centers for the automotive customers will open

Not only the americans are too fat (the members of the information society are increasingly being focused), but it is a virtually worldwide trend, which is natural in the rich countries the strongest appearance. For example, a new long-term study has shown that the baby boomer generation great britain, this year was investigated in 1958, and just the middle class is more and more junk food eats and at the same time increasingly moved. In addition to the unilateral diet, moving poverty plays a rough role, because only a fraction of the people actually drives regular sports. In the US, another step is initiated to reduce the niches of the remaining movement forces in the altag.

Drive-Thru Supercenter come

The first drive thru of jack in the box, 1951 as "food machine" opened.